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Turing testimonials

Jose Carlos Da Silva Carvalho United States of America (North Carolina)

Western Carolina University

BSc Forensic and Medical Sciences

Full Study Year 2021/2022 (September - May)

I am doing this because in America I can study different classes and use different facilities such as the body farm at WCU. This will improve my employability potential and give me a diverse range of knowledge. Without the Turing grant I would have been able to afford my year abroad but I would have to manage my finances critically and miss out on crucial experiences.

A student in the USA climbing a hill in a forest

Mustafa Al-Rubaiai United States of America (California)

California State University Sacramento 

MEng Chemical Engineering 

Full Study Year 2021/2022 (September - May) 

As an Arab, going to a country like America wasn’t an easy decision. The middle east and Arabs, in general, are heavily misrepresented in America. However, upon arrival, I realised how diverse and open-minded Californians are. This allowed me to become the only representative of the middle eastern community to some of the friends I have here


A student next to the star of Muhammad Ali

Henrietta Vita United States of America (Colorado)

Colorado Mesa University

BSc Forensic and Medical Sciences

Term 1 Study 2021/2022 (September - December)

I decided to study abroad because I would like to experience as much of this world as possible. Here in the US, I get to see how other people live, what the culture is like and I also get to experience how the educational system works. The Turing Grant definitely has a positive impact on my study abroad year by helping me financially. As part of my study placement, here at CMU I had the chance to intern at the university’s body farm.

Hayqa Saeed The Netherlands

Leiden University

LLB Law 

Term 1 Study 2021/2022 (September - January)

I am studying abroad because I wanted a first-hand insight of new cultures. Since being here I have got to interact with so many students from different backgrounds due to the international student population and been able to learn about their cultures in addition to Dutch life.

The city of Leiden, showing a canal, boats and a red bridge

Chloe Davis United States of America (Colorado)

Colorado Mesa University 

BSc Archaeology 

Full Study Year 2021/2022 (September - May)

I have studied American Archaeology in the deserts of the Four Corners, and had a trip to the Body Farm (FIRS), both things I wouldn’t have been able to do at home. I’m hoping to intern with my Professor next semester, to learn more about working in the US.  

An Archeology Collection in the USA