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Information for DSA Needs Assessors

University of Bradford Non-Medical Helper rates

The table below shows Non-Medical Helper rates. Period covered - 01/04/2017 through to 31/03/2022.

Non-Medical Helper support rates are shown per hour in the table below.

Band 4 Specialist Access
and Learning Facilitators
Standard Rate
Distance Learning only
(in-person, in-home)
Remote Delivery only
(e.g. Facetime/Skype or similar)
Specialist Mentor- Mental Health £59.40 VAT exempt The institution does not offer distance learning provision. £59.40 VAT exempt
Specialist Mentor- AS £59.40 VAT exempt £59.40 VAT exempt
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support - SpLD £59.40 VAT exempt £59.40 VAT exempt
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support - AS £59.40 VAT exempt £59.40 VAT exempt

 This institution does not offer Band 1 Support Assistants, Band 2 Enhanced Support Assistants, or Band 3 Specialist Enabling Support. Students requiring personal or health related care would normally use their UK-based eligibility for Personal Independance Payments (PIPs) to source their own private or CQC approved Domicilary Care support as this type of care is not normally provded by the University. 

DSA and DSA Assessors please email