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Analytical Science MSc

Analytical chemists use a range of modern instrumental methods to separate, identify and quantify matter. Analytical chemistry is core to all the sciences, and has broad applications to forensic, archaeological, environmental, pharmaceutical, medicine and materials chemistry. All require careful application due to shared problems of small sample size, low abundances, complex mixtures, contamination and degradation.

This programme is designed to assist you in becoming experienced, independent practitioners of modern analytical science in tune with the needs of research and industry. It provides the necessary practical, interpretative analytical skills to apply a wide range of analytical techniques to key areas of application and to provide a genuine research experience through an extended research project.

Analytical Sciences

Analytical sciences offers plenty of laboratory experience, training you to carry out a range of analytical techniques using the latest modern scientific equipment

What do graduates of Analytical Sciences do?

Career Destinations include:

  • PhD study
  • Teaching (science in secondary schools, College and at University level)
  • Employment as analytical chemists
    • analyst
    • quality specialist
    • senior quality technician
    • NMR technician
    • experimental officer
    • laboratory supervisor
    • section and facilities manager etc
  •  Companies that employ analytical chemists include:
    • AstraZeneca
    • Dow Chemical Co
    • The Health and Safety Laboratory
    • TEVA
    • Covanceā€¦
Analytical Centre

If you would like to join us, and study an MSc in Analytical Sciences, you can find out more about our facilities on the Analytical Centre web page. We offer a single, 1 year, full time route or a part time route over two years for those who require an alternative. If you would like to know more about the course then contact Ben Stern, the Programme lead, as shown below.