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Professor Stephen Rimmer

Professor of Chemistry

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)


Stephen Rimmer is Professor of Chemistry. He was awarded a PhD in 1992 (Imperial College) for work on polyurethane graft copolymers. He spent a total of six years in industrial research and development (Macpherson Polymers Ltd. and Biocompatibles Ltd.) and two years as a post-doctoral fellow with Prof. J. R. Ebdon. His time in industry included development of many commercialised coating formulations and a new contact lens (The ProClear lens). In 1995 he was appointed to a permanent independent post as lecturer at Lancaster University and in 2000 he moved to the University of Sheffield. In January 2012 he was promoted to a personal chair and the took up the Chair of Chemistry at the University of Bradford in May 2015. His research interests can be divided into two main areas: (1) synthesis and (2) biological applications of functional polymers. The two areas frequently overlap as polymers for medical applications are prepared. The group enjoys significant expertise in synthesis by radical, cationic and ring-opening strategies as well as applications that are focused on the use of stimuli responsive polymers, peptide functional polymers, functional hydrogels and production of functional particles. He has been awarded over £6 million in funding from various research councils (EPSRC, BBSRC and MRC), charities (Wellcome, Nuffield) and a large number of industrial concerns. In 2006/7 he was funded to a MRC discipline hoping fellowship, which allowed him to carry out work on the interactions of macrophages with synthetic hydrogels.  He has published 127 peer-reviewed articles and 12 book chapters and reviews and is inventor on 14 filed patents.  He was also founding chair of RSC’s special interest group in Biomaterials Chemistry. 


Our work is focused on the synthesis and properties of functional polymers. We enjoy good collaborative relationships with large sections of the polymers and biomedical devices industry. Functional polymers are produced using a variety of methods including radical, cationic and ring-opening polymerisations as well as step-growth techniques such as polyurethane synthesis. We also make extensive use of polymerisations in disperse media; such as emulsion polymerisations. Recently, one of our focuses has been on producing functional hydrogels to support cells for applications in tissue engineering. Here our aim is to control cells as they develop and grow and to examine how the structure of the materials affects performance and cell compatibility. Another strong theme is to use functional polymers to detect pathogens in infective diseases and here we are developing unique medical devices for use at the point of care. Many of the polymers are complex materials and analysis is difficult. To achieve full characterization we use a great deal of expertise in chromatographic techniques, advanced mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies; often coupling these techniques together.


Teaching interests

I teach Polymer Chemistry to 3rd year and masters students over34 lectures. I also demonstrate some laboratories in 1st year as well as supervising both Chemistry and Medical Bioscience masters projects.   


TitleHighly-branched poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) functionalised with pendant Nile red and chain end vancomycin for the detection of Gram-positive bacteria (2019)
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TitleHighly branched poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) functionalized with an inducer molecule suppresses quorum sensing in Chromobacterium violaceum (2019)
AuthorsShepherd, J.; Swift, Thomas; Chang, Chien-Yi; Boyne, J.R.; Rimmer, Stephen; Martin, William H.C.
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TitleA self-healable fluorescence active hydrogel based on ionic block copolymers prepared via ring opening polymerization and xanthate mediated RAFT polymerization (2018)
AuthorsBanerjee, S.L.; Hoskins, Richard; Swift, Thomas; Rimmer, Stephen; Singha, N.K.
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TitleAntibiotic functionalised polymers reduce bacterial biofilm and bioburden in a simulated infection of the cornea (2018)
AuthorsDoroshenko, N.; Rimmer, Stephen; Hoskins, Richard; Garg, P.; Swift, Thomas; Spencer, H.L.M.; Lord, Rianne M.; Katsikogianni, Maria G.; Pownall, D.; MacNeil, S.; Douglas, C.W.I.; Shepherd, J.
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TitleTemperature-dependent structure and dynamics of highly-branched poly(N -isopropylacrylamide) in aqueous solution (2018)
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TitleFörster Resonance Energy Transfer across interpolymer complexes of poly(acrylic acid) and poly(acrylamide) (2017)
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TitlePoly(n-butyl Methacrylate) with Primary Amine End Groups for Supporting Cell Adhesion and Proliferation of Renal Epithelial Cells (2017)
AuthorsCox-Nowak, K.; Al-Yamani, Ohood; Grant, Colin A.; Green, N.H.; Rimmer, Stephen
TitleEx vivo rabbit and human corneas as models for bacterial and fungal keratitis (2017)
AuthorsPinnock, A.; Shivshetty, N.; Roy, S.; Rimmer, Stephen; Douglas, I.; MacNeil, S.; Gary, P.
TitleCore (Polystyrene)−Shell [Poly(glycerol monomethacrylate)] Particles (2017)
AuthorsMckenzie, A.; Hoskins, Richard; Swift, Thomas; Grant, Colin A.; Rimmer, Stephen
TitleAnalysis Using Size Exclusion Chromatography of poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) using Methanol as an Eluent (2017)
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TitleCollagen–Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hydrogels with Tunable Properties (2016)
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TitleThe pH-responsive behaviour of poly(acrylic acid) in aqueous solution is dependent on molar mass (2016)
AuthorsSwift, Thomas; Swanson, L.; Geoghegan, M.; Rimmer, Stephen
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TitlepH Responsive Highly Branched Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with Trihistidine or Acid Chain Ends (2016)
AuthorsSwift, Thomas; Lapworth, J.; Swindells, K.; Swanson, L.; Rimmer, Stephen
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TitleAngle selective backscattered electron contrast in the low-voltage scanning electron microscope: Simulation and experiment for polymers (2016)
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TitleArginine-glycine-aspartic acid functional branched semi-interpenetrating hydrogels (2015)
AuthorsPlenderleith, R.A.; Pateman, C.J.; Rodenburg, C.; Haycock, J.W.; Claeyssens, F.; Sammon, C.; Rimmer, Stephen
TitleGlucomannan-poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidinone) bicomponent hydrogels for wound healing (2014)
AuthorsShahbuddin, M.; Bullock, A.J.; MacNeil, S.; Rimmer, Stephen
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AuthorsSarker, P.; Swindells, K.; Douglas, C.W.I.; MacNeil, S.; Rimmer, Stephen; Swanson, L.
TitleControlled delivery of cytokine growth factors mediated by core-shell particles with poly(acrylamidomethylpropane sulphonate) shells (2014)
AuthorsPlatt, L.; Kelly, L.; Rimmer, Stephen
TitleAmine functional hydrogels as selective substrates for corneal epithelialization (2014)
AuthorsHassan, E.; Deshpande, P.; Claeyssens, F.; Rimmer, Stephen; MacNeil, S.
TitleHighly-branched poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide)s with core-shell morphology below the lower critical solution temperature (2014)
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TitlePoly(acrylic acid) interpolymer complexation: use of a fluorescence time resolved anisotropy as a poly(acrylamide) probe (2014)
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TitleAdvantages of block copolymer synthesis by RAFT-controlled dispersion polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide (2013)
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TitleArginine functionalization of hydrogels for heparin binding-a supramolecular approach to developing a pro-angiogenic biomaterial (2013)
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AuthorsPoole J.;MacNeil S.;Rimmer S.
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TitleHyperbranched poly(NIPAM) polymers modified with antibiotics for the reduction of bacterial burden in infected human tissue engineered skin (2011)
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TitleBinding bacteria to highly branched poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) modified with vancomycin induces the coil-to-globule transition (2010)
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TitlePolymer synthesis: Facilitating functionality (2010)
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TitleDevelopment of a calcium-chelating hydrogel for treatment of superficial burns and scalds (2010)
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