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Professor Liz Breen

Information about Professor Liz Breen at the University of Bradford.

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Professor Liz Breen is the Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone at the University of Bradford. The facility, which hosted the Phase 3 trials of the Novovax Covid-19 vaccine (2020/21) and Covid-19 vaccine booster trial and houses state-of-the-art health facilities, business incubation space, research and teaching facilities. Liz is also a Professor of Health Service Operations based in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences having held the previous position of Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at the University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law for 13 years. Prior to this she worked in the University of Manchester Business School as a Lecturer in Operations Management and within the NHS as a Supply Chain Development Manager. Her research is broadly focused on end-to-end healthcare supply chains with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical supply chain. This covers a multitude of areas including supply chain sustainability, medicines optimisation, digital innovation, patient safety, process analysis and risk management. Liz has more recently undertaken extensive analysis of the UK Covid-19 vaccine supply chain and has commented on this in widespread media coverage. Liz was the co-lead on the Process Evaluation stream of the ISCOMAT study (National Institute for Health Research programme) focusing on patient safety/medicines transitions and Deputy theme lead for the Safe Use of Medicines theme in the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. She is a Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research Fellow and an Affiliate member of the NIHR Yorkshire & Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration.Liz has co-authored a series of articles focusing on the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain in The Conversation, these have achieved global readership. More recently she was commissioned by The Conversation to create a specialist article on supply chain learning from the Covid-19 pandemic which featured in the PreventionWeb collection with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.She has appeared as a supply chain expert on TV for BBC News, ITV, Channel 5 as well as international coverage with Sky News Australia, Alhurra, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and TRT World. Liz has also contributed to numerous live radio broadcasts in the UK with BBC Newsday, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Ulster and Scotland, but further afield with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has contributed to and been cited in articles in The Guardian, BBC News and in international articles from France, Poland, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, Norway and other countries. Liz is interested in supervising PhD students with complementary interests in these overarching themes and other sector supply chain studies. She is keen to develop the profile and relevance of Operations and Supply Chain Management in healthcare service supply chains within her research, teaching and business engagement.


Sustainability in service supply chains; healthcare systems; medicines optimization; patient safety; green logistics; supply chain optimization.

Research supervision

Professor Liz Breen is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching interests

Teaching experience includes: Economics of Healthcare Management and Management of Global Pharmaceutical Supply; Operations Management; Service Operations Management; Supply Chain Management (reverse logistics, risk management); Change Management and Research Methods. I also support other modules which require healthcare management and supply chain input.

Teaching highlights

My teaching strategy and delivery is applied, in that whilst grounded in classical theory/texts, always pulls from current research/industry experience and my own research. I find this approach particularly useful in engaging with business/executive cohorts who expect industrial expertise to support academic acumen. I support my teaching with the inclusion of industry professionals in my lectures. I have taught a range of class sizes, from 400 students to a 1-1 provision and am comfortable with any class size. I have extensive experience of DBA/PhD/MBA/Masters and UG theses and dissertations completions and am very keen to introduce all research activity from these into the teaching environment.

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