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Dr. Kevin Adams,
Assistant Professor

Information about Dr. Kevin Adams at the University of Bradford.

School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
+44 1274 236104
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I returned to Academia (January 2014) after many years working in industry and more recently in commercial roles at the University of Bradford. Laboratory work, during my D.Phil., led to an ongoing involvement in cell culture work with a range of established cell lines and primary cells from animal and human sources. Whilst at Huntingdon Life Science, I was also holder of a Home Office Project Licence with involvement in vivo genetic toxicology, the use of xenograft models and the development of infection models. At Bradford I have been involved in projects using human tissue samples for the development of 3D culture models, biomarker studies and development of tissue microarrays. In collaboration with medicinal chemists in the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, I established a pharmaceutics group exploring the physico-chemical properties of anti-cancer agents. Industry links include research into the use of novel polymers in drug delivery. I have been involved in the establishment of a number of commercial activities within the University including Ethical Tissue, the Electrodiagnostics Unit (Optometry) and the Digital Health Enterprise Zone. Externally I led the set up of Incanthera Ltd and continue to provide consultancy support to the companyMore recently I have moved away from the Institute of Cancer Therapeutic to lead on the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences role in the Digital Health Enterprise Zone and take over as Director of Student Support and Engagement for the School's 1200+ students.


Digital technologies in healthcare - the use of electronic patient records and data collection forms for improved healthcare monitoring and advice. In conjunction with Prof R Forbes UCLAN – physico-chemical properties and drug formulation, use of Taylor Dispersion analysis in pharmaceutics (also with Malvern Instruments Ltd and Paraytec Ltd)The use of human tissue, particularly tissue microarrays and isolated tumour cells, in cancer diagnostics and taget identification.Physico-chemical properties, formulation and parenteral delivery of ICT2588, Es5 and other anticancer agents.


Details on teaching interests, highlights and modules are available for Dr. Kevin Adams as follows:

Teaching interests

Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology for MSc courses.Enterprise and entrepreneurship in science, particularly in the biosciences. Taught across a range of courses including MPharm (final year), Integrated Science (years 2 and 3), MSc Biomedical Sciences.Applications of digital technology in pharmacy teaching. This has led to collaborations with computer science and media studies students on developing augmented reality/virtual reality tools.

Teaching highlights

One of my current roles is as Director of Student Support and Engagement for the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences. This has led to a growing understanding of the range of issues that our students have to overcome and the support that is available from the University and elsewhere.