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Dr. Jurgen Muller,

Information about Dr. Jurgen Muller at the University of Bradford.

School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
+44 1274 232133
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Professional activities

Information about education, employment and areas of particular interest for Dr. Jurgen Muller is as follows:


  • Aston University - Senior Lecturer in the year 2015 (specified as 01/09/2015)
  • University of Bradford - Reader in Pharmacology in the year 2017 (specified as 01/01/2017)
  • Columbia University - Postdoctoral Scientist in the year 1995 (specified as 01/03/1995)
  • National Cancer Institute - Senior Research Fellow in the year 1998 (specified as 01/10/1998)
  • Bangor University - Group Leader in the year 2004 (specified as 01/04/2004)
  • University of Warwick - Assistant Professor in the year 2008 (specified as 01/11/2008)
  • University of Warwick - Associate Professor in the year 2011 (specified as 01/11/2011)


  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany - Diploma (MSc)
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany - PhD
  • University of Warwick - Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice


There are 24 publications involving or that are attributed to Dr. Jurgen Muller. They are listed as:

  • other journal (1)
  • peer reviewed journal (23)

Other Journal

Dr. Jurgen Muller has 1 publication(s) listed under other journal.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Synergy between vesicular and non-vesicular gliotransmission regulates synaptic plasticity and working memory 2021 Lalo, U; Rasooli-Nejad, S; Bogdanov, A; More, L; Koh, W; Müller, J; Wall, M; Lee, CJ; Pankratov, Y BioRxiv

Peer Reviewed Journal

Dr. Jurgen Muller has 23 publication(s) listed under peer reviewed journal.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Rapid endocytosis provides restricted somatic expression of a K+ channel in central neurons 2009 Journal of Cell Science 123 3189 - 3200 Corrêa, Sonia A.L.; Muller, Jurgen; Collingridge, G.L.; Marrion, N.V.
VEGF Stimulates Activation of ERK5 in the Absence of C-Terminal Phosphorylation Preventing Nuclear Localization and Facilitating AKT Activation in Endothelial Cells. 2023 Cells 12 Mondru AK;Aljasir MA;Alrumayh A;Nithianandarajah GN;Ahmed K;Muller J;Goldring CEP;Wilm B;Cross MJ; 2073-4409 10.3390/cells12060967
The MK2 cascade mediates transient alteration in mGluR-LTD and spatial learning in a murine model of Alzheimer's disease. 2022 Aging Cell 00 Privitera L;Hogg EL;Lopes M;Domingos LB;Gaestel M;Müller J;Wall MJ;Corrêa SAL; 1474-9726 10.1111/acel.13717
NMDA receptor-dependent signalling pathways regulate arginine vasopressin expression in the paraventricular nucleus of the rat 2019 Journal of Brain Research 1722 Lake D.;Correa S.;Muller J. 0006-8993 10.1016/j.brainres.2019.146357
ERK5 and the regulation of endothelial cell function. 2009 Biochemical Society Transactions 37 Roberts OL;Holmes K;Müller J;Cross DA;Cross MJ; 1470-8752 10.1042/BST0371254
Alternative exon usage in the single CPT1 gene of Drosophila generates functional diversity in the kinetic properties of the enzyme: differential expression of alternatively spliced variants in Drosophila tissues. 2010 Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 Price NT;Jackson VN;Müller J;Moffat K;Matthews KL;Orton T;Zammit VA; 1083-351X 10.1074/jbc.M109.072892
ERK5 is required for VEGF-mediated survival and tubular morphogenesis of primary human microvascular endothelial cells. 2010 Journal of Cell Science 123 Roberts OL;Holmes K;Müller J;Cross DA;Cross MJ; 1477-9137 10.1242/jcs.072801
Compartmentalization of the MAPK scaffold protein KSR1 modulates synaptic plasticity in hippocampal neurons. 2011 FASEB Journal 25 Canal F;Palygin O;Pankratov Y;Corrêa SA;Müller J; 1530-6860 10.1096/fj.10-173153
Identification of B-KSR1, a novel brain-specific isoform of KSR1 that functions in neuronal signaling. 2000 Molecular and Cellular Biology 20 Müller J;Cacace AM;Lyons WE;McGill CB;Morrison DK; 0270-7306
C-TAK1 regulates Ras signaling by phosphorylating the MAPK scaffold, KSR1. 2001 Molecular Cell 8 Müller J;Ory S;Copeland T;Piwnica-Worms H;Morrison DK; 1097-2765
BRACHYURY confers cancer stem cell characteristics on colorectal cancer cells. 2012 International Journal of Cancer 130 Sarkar D;Shields B;Davies ML;Müller J;Wakeman JA; 1097-0215 10.1002/ijc.26029
ERK5: structure, regulation and function. 2012 Cellular Signalling 24 Nithianandarajah-Jones GN;Wilm B;Goldring CE;Müller J;Cross MJ; 1873-3913 10.1016/j.cellsig.2012.07.007
Assay of Raf-1 activity. 2002 Methods in Enzymology 345 Müller J;Morrison DK; 0076-6879
Functional analysis of C-TAK1 substrate binding and identification of PKP2 as a new C-TAK1 substrate. 2003 EMBO Journal 22 Müller J;Ritt DA;Copeland TD;Morrison DK; 0261-4189 10.1093/emboj/cdg426
Regulation of Raf-1 by direct feedback phosphorylation. 2005 Molecular Cell 17 Dougherty MK;Müller J;Ritt DA;Zhou M;Zhou XZ;Copeland TD;Conrads TP;Veenstra TD;Lu KP;Morrison DK; 1097-2765 10.1016/j.molcel.2004.11.055
The temporal dynamics of Arc expression regulate cognitive flexibility 2018 Neuron 98 1124 - 1132 Wall, M.J.; Collins, D.R.; Chery, S.L.; Allen, Z.D.; Pastuzyn, E.D.; George, A.J.; Nikolova, V.D.; Moy, S.S.; Philpot, B.D.; Shepherd, J.D.; Muller, Jurgen; Ehlers, M.D.; Mabb, A.M.; Corrêa, Sonia A.L.
Extra-nuclear telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) regulates glucose transport in skeletal muscle cells 2014 Shaheen, F.; Grammatopoulos, D.K.; Muller, Jurgen; Zammit, V.A.; Lehnert, H.
The role of ERK5 in endothelial cell function 2014 Biochemical Society Transactions 42 1584 - 1589 Nithianandarajah-Jones, G.N.; Wilm, B.; Goldring, C.E.; Muller, Jurgen; Cross, M.J.
The scaffold protein KSR1, a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of Merlin-deficient tumors 2016 Oncogene 35 3443 - 3453 Zhou, L.; Lyons-Rimmer, J.; Ammoun, S.; Muller, Jurgen; Lasonder, E.; Sharma, V.; Ercolano, E.; Hilton, D.; Taiwo, I.; Barczyk, M.; Hanemann, C.O.
Does the MK2-dependent production of TNFα regulate mGluR-dependent synaptic plasticity? 2016 Current Neuropharmacology 14 474 - 480 Hogg, Ellen L.; Muller, Jurgen; Corrêa, Sonia A.L.
Negative feedback regulation of the ERK1/2 MAPK pathway 2016 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 73 4397 - 4413 Lake, D.; Corrêa, Sonia A.L.; Muller, Jurgen
The ​MK2/3 cascade regulates AMPAR trafficking and cognitive flexibility 2014 Nature Communications 5 4701 Eales, K.L.; Palygin, O.; O'Loughlin, T.; Rasooli-Nejad, S.; Gaestel, M.; Muller, Jurgen; Collins, D.R.; Pankratov, Y.; Corrêa, Sonia A.L.
Activity-Regulated Cytoskeleton-Associated Protein Controls AMPAR Endocytosis through a Direct Interaction with Clathrin-Adaptor Protein 2 2016 Eneuro 3 1 - 22 DaSilva, L.L.; Wall, M.J.; de Almeida, Luciana P.; Wauters, S.C.; Januario, Y.C.; Muller, Jurgen; Corrêa, Sonia A.L.