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Dr Amalia Ruiz Estrada


Faculty/Dept/School School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 238635


Dr Ruiz graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Havana, Cuba. She completed her PhD in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Her PhD research project focused on developing magnetic nanoparticles for different biotechnological and biomedical applications. Previously, Dr Ruiz held different postdoctoral positions across Cuba and Europe. In 2014 she joined the Centre for Advanced Studies in Cuba to investigate novel formulations of iron oxide nanoparticles and their toxicological evaluation in different in vitro and in vivo models. In 2016, she joined the University of East Anglia in Norwich as Senior Research Associate (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow) to work in the DNA-TRAP EU funded project to develop a range of antimicrobial nanoformulations and assess their therapeutic efficacy in in vitro models. Later, she moved to the Molecular and Cellular Biology Institute in Strasbourg to be part of the Graphene Flagship project, the European Union's biggest scientific research initiative, to assess the pharmacological behaviour of different graphene-based materials and their innovative application in cancer treatment. In November 2018, she started at the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast, where her research was focused on the development of smart nanocarriers for targeted cancer therapy, as well as engineering novel nanoformulations to detect and treat aggressive metastatic prostate cancer. Currently, Dr Ruiz’s research focuses on the fabrication of multifunctional nanomaterials to target cancer and other diseases, developing novel nanomedicines for combinatory therapy and theragnostic applications and the safety evaluation of these nanomaterials applied to human health. Her long-term research career objective is to facilitate the translation of nanoparticle-based therapeutics from the lab to the clinic.


I'm always open to PhD applications in the field of Nanomedicine, drug delivery systems, smart nanomaterials, nanotoxicology, hyperthermia, photothermal, photodynamic therapy, combination therapies and theragnostic applications


TitleHypoxia-targeted cupric-tirapazamine liposomes potentiate radiotherapy in prostate cancer spheroids. (2021)
AuthorsSilva VL;Ruiz A;Ali A;Pereira S;Seitsonen J;Ruokolainen J;Furlong F;Coulter J;Al-Jamal WT;
JournalInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics
TitlePD1 blockade potentiates the therapeutic efficacy of photothermally-activated and MRI-guided low temperature-sensitive magnetoliposomes. (2021)
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JournalJournal of Controlled Release
TitleGenetically-engineered anti-PSMA exosome mimetics targeting advanced prostate cancer in vitro and in vivo (2021)
AuthorsSeveric M.;Ma G.;Pereira S.G.T.;Ruiz A.;Cheung C.C.L.;Al-Jamal W.T.
JournalJournal of Controlled Release
TitleDually targeted bioinspired nanovesicle delays advanced prostate cancer tumour growth in vivo. (2021)
AuthorsMa G;Severic M;Barker M;Pereira S;Ruiz A;Cheung CCL;Al-Jamal WT;
JournalActa Biomaterialia
TitleEGFR-targeted immunoliposomes efficiently deliver docetaxel to prostate cancer cells. (2020)
AuthorsEloy JO;Ruiz A;de Lima FT;Petrilli R;Raspantini G;Nogueira KAB;Santos E;de Oliveira CS;Borges JC;Marchetti JM;Al-Jamal WT;Chorilli M;
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TitleMultifunctional nanoassemblies target bacterial lipopolysaccharides for enhanced antimicrobial DNA delivery. (2020)
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TitleToxicological evaluation of highly water dispersible few-layer graphene in vivo (2020)
AuthorsRuiz A.;Lucherelli M.A.;Murera D.;Lamon D.;Ménard-Moyon C.;Bianco A.
TitleCytotoxicity of Mechanochemically Prepared Cu(II) Complexes (2020)
AuthorsMcCalmont A.S.;Ruiz A.;Lagunas M.C.;Al-Jamal W.T.;Crawford D.E.
JournalACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
TitleMicrofluidic production of lysolipid-containing temperature-sensitive liposomes (2020)
AuthorsCheung C.C.L.;Ma G.;Ruiz A.;Al-Jamal W.T.
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TitleEncapsulated doxorubicin crystals influence lysolipid temperature-sensitive liposomes release and therapeutic efficacy in vitro and in vivo (2020)
AuthorsRuiz A.;Ma G.;Seitsonen J.;Pereira S.G.T.;Ruokolainen J.;Al-Jamal W.T.
JournalJournal of Controlled Release
TitleUnderstanding the Influence of a Bifunctional Polyethylene Glycol Derivative in Protein Corona Formation around Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. (2019)
AuthorsRuiz A;Alpízar A;Beola L;Rubio C;Gavilán H;Marciello M;Rodríguez-Ramiro I;Ciordia S;Morris CJ;Morales MDP;
TitleToxicity and biodegradation of zinc ferrite nanoparticles in Xenopus laevis (2019)
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JournalJournal of Nanoparticle Research
Title"Ultramixing": A Simple and Effective Method To Obtain Controlled and Stable Dispersions of Graphene Oxide in Cell Culture Media. (2019)
AuthorsReina G;Ruiz A;Murera D;Nishina Y;Bianco A;
JournalACS applied materials & interfaces
TitleA Biodegradable Multifunctional Graphene Oxide Platform for Targeted Cancer Therapy (2019)
AuthorsMartín C.;Ruiz A.;Keshavan S.;Reina G.;Murera D.;Nishina Y.;Fadeel B.;Bianco A.
JournalAdvanced Functional Materials
TitleUnravelling the mechanisms that determine the uptake and metabolism of magnetic single and multicore nanoparticles in a Xenopus laevis model. (2018)
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TitleOriented Attachment of Recombinant Proteins to Agarose-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles by Means of a β-Trefoil Lectin Domain. (2016)
AuthorsAcebrón I;Ruiz-Estrada AG;Luengo Y;Morales MD;Guisán JM;Mancheño JM;
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TitleDose-Response Bioconversion and Toxicity Analysis of Magnetite Nanoparticles (2016)
AuthorsRuiz A.;Mancebo A.;Beola L.;Sosa I.;Gutiérrez L.
JournalIEEE Magnetics Letters
TitleHematotoxicity of magnetite nanoparticles coated with polyethylene glycol: In vitro and in vivo studies (2015)
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JournalToxicology Research
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TitleBiodistribution and pharmacokinetics of uniform magnetite nanoparticles chemically modified with polyethylene glycol. (2013)
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TitleShort-chain PEG molecules strongly bound to magnetic nanoparticle for MRI long circulating agents. (2013)
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TitleDetection of PEGylated proteins in polyacrylamide gels by reverse staining with zinc and imidazole salts. (2008)
AuthorsHardy E;Ramón J;Saez V;Báez R;Tejeda Y;Ruiz A;
Other typeReviews
TitleDoes black phosphorus hold potential to overcome graphene oxide? A comparative review of their promising application for cancer therapy (2021)
AuthorsRuiz A.;Martín C.;Reina G.
JournalNanoscale Advances
Other typeReviews
TitleMagnetic nanoparticles coated with dimercaptosuccinic acid: development, characterization, and application in biomedicine (2014)
AuthorsRuiz A.;Morais P.C.;Bentes de Azevedo R.;Lacava Z.G.M.;Villanueva A.;del Puerto Morales M.
JournalJournal of Nanoparticle Research