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A student standing near a wall looking at the camera


MSc Engineering Management

Alex started his MSc in Engineering Management at the University of Bradford in September 2023. 

After securing a degree in mechanical engineering in his home of Nigeria and gaining experience in different engineering industries and roles, he came to the UK to gather the skillset he needs to achieve his long-term career goals. 

This is his story.

My previous work experience exposed me to the engineering field and made me realise being an engineer wasn’t enough.

Re-entering education

“I’d gained strong work experience in engineering in both Nigeria and United Arab Emirates before I made the decision to study this Master’s at the University of Bradford."

"My background is in mechanical engineering as well as health and safety, which I studied in Nigeria. I then secured roles as a maintenance engineer, senior pipeline supervisor and safety engineer across the fishing, oil and gas industries."

“Re-entering education was something that came to me after I realised that I wanted to be more than an engineer. I wanted to get involved with the operations and management side of the industry as well.

"This led me to the University of Bradford, which I discovered after a recommendation.”

Knowledgeable and informed

“My course has a strong range of modules which are giving me the skills I need to succeed in achieving my career goals.” 

“The course really appealed to me when I was looking for a place to study because it specialises in engineering management. My tutors are very knowledgeable and informed on the latest innovations currently happening in engineering. 

“Since starting my course, I’ve been taught three modules - Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management and Cost Engineering, and Sustainability in the Built Environment.”

A student standing near a staircase looking at the camera

The course has given me transferable skills and the breadth of knowledge I’ll need in the future. I’m hopeful that this will help me to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for jobs.

Sustainability and diversity in mind

“Bradford is a peaceful city with a very diverse, multicultural community.”

“Having lived in a few different countries, I’m really pleased to have found somewhere that is multicultural. Thanks to the city and University’s community, I’ve made a diverse friendship group who are all very friendly.

"There’s a lot to do here and I really like the city centre and how it’s organised – thanks to my engineering background, I look out for these things."


"The University’s facilities are also impressive. The gym at Unique Fitness is crucial for my mental health - I go there often and I’ve found it to be very well equipped.

"The library is beautiful and well resourced, but I also like that the construction of the library was done with sustainability in mind."


You can tell that the University is preparing for the future and making sure its buildings and community are environmentally friendly, which happens to be something that I’m learning about on my course.