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MSc Management

Adelola completed her undergraduate degree in Nigeria and spent over eight years working in different business industries there. She moved to Bradford to complete her MSc in Management.

This is her story:

I heard amazing things about Bradford

“I had friends who had studied at Bradford, and they gave me such great feedback about the University and the high quality of teaching. I did my own research too, and it all backed up what my friends had said.

"I knew I wanted to complete my MSc in the UK, and Bradford ticked all the boxes."

Fantastic support

“The whole application process was stress-free; the team at Bradford provided fantastic support and helped me sort everything out. When I arrived in the UK from Nigeria, the University had even arranged for me to be picked up from the airport.

“I also received a generous scholarship from the University as I was a self-funding student, which helped with accommodation and living costs.”

The weather was a shock

“I’d been on holidays to the UK in the summer before, but when I moved here, the British winter was a shock and took some getting used to. However, with the support I received from the University, I was able to settle in quickly.

“Moving into student accommodation also helped - it helped me make friends easily, and I now have friends from all over the world.”

I had access to unique student support, and the high level of assistance throughout my application and arrival process made me feel really comfortable.

All areas of management

“Having worked for over eight years in a business environment, I knew that doing an MSc would give me the skills I needed to pursue a career in business management, and I wanted to do a course that covered a wide range of specialisms.

"The Management MSc at Bradford met my needs and covered all the areas of management I wanted to learn about.”

Industry experts

“The teaching at Bradford is exceptional – I was exposed to so much high-quality teaching, and it was really inspiring.

“The module leaders have a deep understanding of the topics they are teaching. Some have prior industry experience, so they can give insight based on their own personal experiences, which helped me to understand things better. Their level of knowledge was really exceptional, and quite incomparable to what I have been previously exposed to.

“The University also regularly invited people working in different management sectors to come in and speak to us. This helped me to understand more about specialist areas and gave me valuable knowledge about what working in different sectors of the management industry is like.”

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The library is amazing

“The University boasts state-of-the art facilities that make learning really enjoyable. The library is brilliant - it’s well stocked, easily accessible, and it had all the resources I needed to complete my studies.

“The classrooms are also well-equipped, clean and have a wonderful ambience which is very conducive for learning, so I always enjoyed being in them.”

I’ve learnt how to organise my time

“As well as giving me a fantastic overview of business management, my MSc has also helped me improve my organisational skills. It’s taught me the importance of effective planning and time management, which are important skills I’ll use throughout my career.

“My interpersonal skills have greatly improved too, as I’ve been exposed to people from so many different countries, cultures and backgrounds.”

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Bradford is an affordable place to live, and everyone is so friendly. The campus is compact; you get to meet lots of people, and everybody looks out for each other. I’d really recommend it to other students.

Adelola Adelani

My course made me realise what I’m passionate about

“One of the modules I completed was HR management, and it’s something I’d like to explore further, so I’m currently looking into doing another MSc in HR.

“That’s one of the things that was so great about my course – it exposed me to lots of different specialisms and made me realise what I’m really passionate about.”

I eventually want to set up my own business

“I have a goal to eventually set up my own business, and my course allowed me to tailor my learning to help me gain the skills I need to achieve this.

“I was able to study modules that covered things like how to create an effective business proposal and how to effectively market your business. I now have a brilliant overview of the management areas that will help me pursue my future career goals.”

The University genuinely cares about its students and is committed to producing brilliant graduates who are happy and fulfilled.

Support is always available

“If you need support, ask for it. The team at Bradford are amazing and will always be there for you if you reach out. They really care about the welfare of the students and any personal problems or issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. Even though I live here without my family, the support I received ensured I have never felt alone, and I really do feel like I’m at home here. 

“The University also provides moral support to international students whose countries are going through crisis, as they understand that it can affect the mental wellbeing of the students. Irrespective of who you are or the country you are from, you can rest assured that you will be well looked after.” 

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