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Professor Brendan Barrett

Professor Brendan Barrett

Professor of Visual Development

Expertise: Amblyopia, vision and sport, vision and reading

Professor Barrett trained as an optometrist and has a BSc in Psychology and a PhD in Medicine. He joined the University of Bradford as a lecturer in 1996.

He is interested in how vision is used to perform everyday activities ,especially in dynamic situations. He is particularly interested in the extent to which long-standing vision impairments (eg due to amblyopia, commonly known as ‘lazy eye,’ or those caused by ageing) may impact the ability to conduct tasks. 

Professor Barrett is also interested in how vision may be used differently by some in challenging situations in order to gain an advantage, for example, in elite sport. 

For his work in vision and sport, Professor Barrett developed strong links with the England and Wales Cricket Board. 

Another area of interest relates to how uncorrected refractive error may impact upon education attainment and he has a particular interest in examining the evidence that correcting refractive error can benefit a child’s education.

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