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Dr Julia Beaumont

Dr Julia Beaumont

Lecturer in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Teeth, dental development, isotopes, palaeodiet, forensic dentistry, collagen, neonatal, maternal health

Dr Beaumont practised as a dentist and orthodontist in East Lancashire for 30 years until retiring in 2013 and taking up a post as lecturer at the University of Bradford.

She has been Dental Adviser to three Primary Care Trusts and also to Oasis Dentalcare. 

Dr Beaumont is known as the ‘Bradford Tooth Fairy’ because she has been collecting children’s teeth for years with the Ethical Tissue bank as part of the internationally-recognised research project, Born in Bradford. 

She pioneered a new technique to allow scientists to more accurately look at a person’s diet by examining their teeth, known as the ‘Beaumont Method.’

Her work has appeared in national outlets including the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, The i and the Daily Express.

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