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Dr Jo Buckberry

Dr Jo Buckberry

Reader in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Human osteology, paleopathology, trauma analysis, early medieval, medieval and post-medieval funerary archaeology

Dr Buckberry is the head of the Biological Anthropology Research Centre (BARC).
Her research focuses on analysis of human remains dating to the early medieval, medieval and post-medieval periods. She is particularly interested in burial practices, identity and evidence of disease.
Dr Buckberry was part of a research team researching several medieval individuals buried at Stirling Castle who died during the Scottish Wars of Independence (13th to 14th centuries), many of whom display evidence of injuries that occurred around the time of death. She has also studied early medieval execution burials and is currently researching the impact of the industrial revolution on health.
She was recently invited to film a segment with survival expert Ray Mears on skeletons excavated from the Battle of Towton for an upcoming series on about the history of archery. 

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Twitter: @osteo_jo