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Professor Andrew Wilson

Professor Andrew Wilson

Chair in Forensic & Archaeological Sciences

Expertise: Biological Anthropology, archaeological human remains, ancient keratin remains, Mummy Studies, mummified human/faunal remains

Dr Wilson’s research interests lie at the interface between archaeological science, forensic science and conservation science.

He has led a number of digitisation and visualisation projects and is currently part of a research team creating a ‘Virtual Bradford.’ The world first, high tech project will create a 3D digital replica of the city, almost identical to the real thing, which could revolutionise council planning, traffic management as well as a myriad of other possible uses. 

Dr Wilson also works within Biological Anthropology on archaeological human remains and particularly in the field of Mummy Studies. He has worked with frozen Inca child sacrifice victims from South America as well as remains from Greenland, Egypt and from bogs in north west Europe. 

He is Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of World Prehistory and a member of the Forensic Archaeology Expert Panel for the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

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