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Current PhD opportunities

A number of self-funded PhD degree opportunities are currently available in the Faculty of Life Sciences. More information about the project and how to apply is available by clicking on the project title. You can also email the supervisor by clicking on their name if you wish to enquire about a specific project.

Cancer research PhD projects

Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel polysialyltransferase inhibitors as anti- metastatic agents
Prof Rob Falconer, Dr Steven Shnyder

Design, synthesis and evaluation of protease-activated anti-cancer prodrugs
Prof Rob Falconer, Prof Paul Loadman

Development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for oncology indications
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Development of chemical tools and bioactive compounds to explore the importance of enzyme activity in cancer diseases

Development of Naked Mole Rat Colonic Crypt Models to Use in the Search for Bowel Disease Preventatives
Dr Steven Shnyder, Prof Sherif El-Khamisy

Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport (ESCRT): Investigation of the role in acquired drug resistance in colon cancer
Dr Steven Shnyder, Dr Sriharsha Kantamneni

Evaluating Photodynamic Therapy in colorectal cancer using patient-derived organoids
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Exploring the role of interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) in stem cells of serous ovarian cancer
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Investigation of antagonism of multiple RGD-binding integrins as a therapeutic strategy in advanced head and neck cancer
Dr Helen Sheldrake

Nanoparticle synthesis and application in magnetic field hyperthermia for cancer therapy
Dr Philip Drake, Dr Steven Shnyder

New Drugs for Brain Tumours: A Locoregional Implant Brain Tumours
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New Drugs for Brain Tumours: Defining the Physicochemical Parameters for Optimal Imidazotetrazine (Temozolomide) Derivative Prodrug Activation Kinetics
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New Drugs for Brain Tumours: Prodrugs of Diazopropyne

Polysialyltransferases as a target in metastatic cancer
Prof Rob Falconer, Dr Steven Shnyder

Targeting the MAPK scaffold protein KSR1 for the treatment of prostate cancer
Dr Jürgen Müller, Prof Rob Falconer

The role of vitamin D3 in treating skin cancer and preventing drug resistance
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