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Peart-Binns Episcopal Biography Archive

Archive reference: PEB

John Peart-Binns specialises in writing the biographies of Anglican bishops. He gathered this material in this course of his research. It covers over 400 bishops of the Church of England and of the other churches of the Pan-Anglican Communion, including articles and letters, newspaper cuttings, diocesan newsletters, obituary notices, and recollections by colleagues and others who knew the individuals concerned. The archive can act as a guide to the internal organisation of the Church of England and a source on trends in theology. It also reflects the involvement of many of these bishops in social welfare, politics and legislation.

The Archive is large and complex and has not yet been fully catalogued: many items are restricted under the Data Protection Act. Access is therefore limited. Please contact Special Collections staff well in advance of any planned visit so we can help you.

Peart-Binns Episcopal Biography description

Collection description of the Peart-Binns Episcopal Biography Archive

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