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Film and Media Student Work

A collection of work from our talented students


Synopsis: Waking up in space; confused, a young man approaches a small spinning earth. A young woman approaches; inspects him for a while, then pushes him into the spinning earth. The woman suddenly disappears and the man finds a doorway that leads back to his origin....

Author: Gustav Orvefors.

Module: Experimental Filmmaking.

Yellow Moth

Synopsis: From a foreign world comes a figure to visit the planet Earth in the present time. At first, this planet seems to frighten him and he becomes unsure if this is the right place, but when he finds yellow elements he is happy at the idea of exploring further.

Author: Samuel Olsson.

Module: Experimental Filmmaking.


Synopsis: An experimental film including the following sections: Invocation; Worship and Gratitude; Confirmation; Taking the Challenge; Following; Propitiation; Retreat.

Author: Nathalie Duernberger.

Module: Experimental Filmmaking.


Synopsis: "Telebox" is a hilarious short film and about hapless housemates who find a cardboard box teleporter "for beginners".

Group Project: Nichola Emsley, Eliot Nelson, Liam Gibbons, Gary Quan, Simeon Petkov, Vytautas Aleksandras Rudys.

Beyond the BBoy

Synopsis: Clips from a 30-minute documentary which looks into the lives of four diverse break dancers from Bradford, and how break dancing changed their lives. Winner of Royal Television Society's Factual award.

Group Project: Stephen Boothroyd, Robert Dennehy, Asha Iqbal, Rebecca Kungu, Anjum Shah.

The Downward Spiral of Kevin Lames

Synopsis: Clips from a 30-minute mockumentary, casting a satirical glance at celebrity culture. This won the runner-up prize in Royal Television Society's Entertainment category.

Group Project: Lisa Joseph, Tim Heward, Michael Law, Esther Maranian, Tim Prudames.


Synopsis: A poignant and revealing portrait of an ageing wrestler (preview from the full feature).

Group Project: Brendan Doherty, Hayley Henderson, Seb Evans, Baljeet Rattanpal and Scott Evans.

Slide Song

Synopsis: Clip from a music video for the rock band LiVids latest single "Slide Song" promoting their latest album. Winner of Royal Television Society's Entertainment award.

Group Project: Helen Ashton, Dylan Evans, Matt French, Tom Hunter, Sam Jones.


Synopsis: A short clip from a full-length feature. The boy's luck is in when their lottery numbers come up; but where's the ticket...

Author: Stephen Smith.

Mobile Memories

Synopsis: Reflections on childhood memories captured on a mobile media device.

Author: Mark O'Shea.

Perception Deception

Synopsis: A short excerpt from a documentary which looks into a rare condition called visual agnosia which prevents the sufferer from recognising everyday objects. A Royal Television Society winner; which won the award for best student documentary.

Group Project: Sarah Senior, Rizwan Rafiq, Steve Brown, Tim Snell, Louise Werkmeister.


Synopsis: A Personal essay on the art of the still photograph.

Author: Andrew Smith.

The Relay

Synopsis: An awkward moment is solved by 'The Relay'...or is it?

Author: David Reich.

Town Joolz

Synopsis: Bradford Poet Joolz Denby gives her take on her city. Winner of the Royal Television Society's factual prize.

Group Project: Dan Grant, Dave Houlbrooke, Rory McKenna, Sven Rosenkraz.