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Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering is the conception, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment.

Engineering is fundamental to the economic and social prosperity of the UK.  It is a “people serving” profession whose activities not only manage humankind’s environment but also create that environment itself. It requires well-qualified students but not just those with a traditional mathematics background.  Your studies at Bradford will be a foundation for life aimed at developing an appreciation of technical principles and competence in their application using a wide range of personal and professional skills. Our commitment to this integration is such that we strongly encourage you to undertake a 12-month industrial placement as an integral part of your degree studies.  Upon graduation you will have the capacity for professional growth, which is likely to include seeking Chartered Engineer (CEng) status. The BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering is designed to develop the analytical, design, critical evaluation and communication capabilities needed for employment across the range of the construction industry and beyond. The ability of an engineer to think clearly and logically is widely appreciated by many other professions and your studies may well be a stepping-stone to an alternative career in accountancy, teaching, law etc – a real foundation for life.

The Faculty of Engineering and Informatics places emphasis on both teaching and research, believing them to be mutually dependent.  We have particular research strengths in environmental water engineering, environmental acoustics, underground technologies, geotechnics and structural engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering and Informatics aims to produce graduates who aspire to challenging careers in industry and the public sector, and who will be able to move directly into responsible roles in employment with a minimum of additional training.  It achieves this aim by:

  • Delivering a range of programmes of study with a degree of commonality of core material, but with the flexibility to allow specialization. The first three years of the BEng (Hons) are shared with the MEng in Civil and Structural Engineering programme, and following a strong performance, it may be possible to transfer to that programme.
  • Providing a supportive, structured environment in which students are encouraged to develop independent learning skills.
  • Developing subject knowledge and understanding, developing discipline skills and developing personal transferable skills, to enable graduates to pursue programmes of further study, or to move directly into responsible employment.

At a glance

The University of Bradford wants its students to succeed and produce phenomenal pieces of work. You are challenged at every level, always leaving you with more and more to discover. My supervisor has always pushed me constantly to produce solid, game changing work.

- Tarek Taha, PhD student

Studying my bachelors and masters in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Bradford has truly been an incredible experience. I have definitely come a long way and for that I am grateful to the amazing lecturers who have supported, inspired and encouraged me throughout the 4 years.

- Aneeqa Akksar, MSc Civil and Structural Engineering

Bradford University offers an excellent Civil and Structural engineering course, the expertise lecturers possess facilitates the successful delivery of a wide variety of topics. The breadth of knowledge I have attained certainly exceeded my expectations, and has been enhanced further due to exceptional relationships lecturers have with the engineering industry.

- Mobien Akhter, MEng Civil & Structural Engineering