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Dr. Shashitha Jayakody

Information about Dr. Shashitha Jayakody at the University of Bradford.

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Shashitha joined the School of Management at University of Bradford in January 2023. She holds a PhD in Finance from University of Kent. She received a MA in Finance and Investments with Distinction and a BA (Hons) in Finance, Accounting and Management from University of Nottingham. Her research interests focus on corporate finance and financial economics. She is currently working on the intersection between political economy and finance with a particular focus on political corruption and its influence on regulation and corporate finance. Shashitha has over eight years of teaching experience in the field of accounting and finance. Before joining Bradford, she taught undergraduate and postgraduate modules at SOAS University of London, University of Kent, and Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Prior to academia, she worked in the industry as an equity research analyst and as an accounting executive in Sri Lanka over a period of three years.


Corporate finance, financial economics, political economy, corporate governance


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Corporate Finance, Financial Econometrics, Finance with Excel, Financial Accounting

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