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Nadeem Javid

Lecturer in Peptide Chemistry

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 235879


Dr. Nadeem Javid studied MSc in Chemistry at University of Punjab, Lahore followed by an MPhil in Biotechnology at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He received his PhD in 2007 from International Max Planck’s Research School in Chemical Biology at the University of Dortmund, Germany under Prof. Roland Winters supervision. Followed by his PhD, he worked at the University of Strathclyde with Prof. Rein V. Ulijn, Prof. Jan Sefcik and Prof. Alastair Florence in the fields of nano-composite materials, peptidic supramolecular materials and novel methods in crystallization of pharmaceutics. He joined the University of Bradford as a Lecturer in Chemistry in August 2016.


Development of new generation advanced nano-materials for drug delivery, crystallization, bio-catalysis and tissue engineering Crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds in batch and continuous systems Design of smart peptide and protein based nano-materials by exploitation of supramolecular self-assembly principles Colloids and colloidal interactions Application of small angle x-ray, neutron and light scattering for characterization of nano-materials, crystals, gels and colloidal suspensions


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleInvestigation of molecular and mesoscale clusters in undersaturated glycine aqueous solutions (2019)
AuthorsZimbitas G.;Jawor-Baczynska A.;Vesga M.;Javid N.;Moore B.;Parkinson J.;Sefcik J.
JournalColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
TitleTunable Supramolecular Gel Properties by Varying Thermal History (2019)
AuthorsDebnath S.;Roy S.;Abul-Haija Y.;Frederix P.;Ramalhete S.;Hirst A.;Javid N.;Hunt N.;Kelly S.;Angulo J.;Khimyak Y.;Ulijn R.
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
TitlePathway-dependent gold nanoparticle formation by biocatalytic self-assembly (2017)
AuthorsSahoo, J.K.; Roy, S.; Javid, Nadeem; Duncan, K.; Aitken, L.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleTunable Supramolecular Hydrogels for Selection of Lineage-Guiding Metabolites in Stem Cell Cultures (2016)
AuthorsAlakpa, E.V.; Jayawarna, V.; Lampel, A.; Burgess, K.V.; West, C.C.; Bakker, S.C.J.; Roy, S.; Javid, Nadeem; Fleming, S.; Lamprou, D.A.; Yang, J.; Miller, A.; Urquhart, A.J.; Frederix, P.W.J.M.; Hunt, N.T.; Peault, B.; Ulijn, R.V.; Dalby, M.J.
TitleFiltration Suppresses Laser-Induced Nucleation of Glycine in Aqueous Solutions (2016)
AuthorsJavid, Nadeem; Kendall, T.; Burns, I.S.; Sefcik, J.
TitleDynamic Peptide Library for the Discovery of Charge Transfer Hydrogels (2015)
AuthorsBerdugo, C.; Nalluri, S.K.M.; Javid, Nadeem; Escuder, B.; Miravet, J.F.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleExploring the Sequence Space for (tri-) Peptide Self-assembly to Design and Discover New Hydrogels (2015)
AuthorsFrederix, P.W.J.M.; Scott, G.G.; Abul-Haija, Y.M.; Kalafatovic, D.; Pappas, C.G.; Javid, Nadeem; Hunt, N.T.; Ulijn, R.V.; Tuttle, T.
TitleDiscovery of Catalytic Phages by Biocatalytic Self-Assembly (2014)
AuthorsMaeda, Y.; Javid, Nadeem; Duncan, K.; Birchall, L.; Gibson, K.F.; Cannon, D.; Kanetsuki, Y.; Knapp, C.; Tuttle, T.; Ulijn, R.V.; Matsui, H.
TitleBiocatalytic Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Charge Transfer Nanostructures Based on n-Type Semiconductor-Appended Peptide (2014)
AuthorsNalluri, S.K.M.; Berdugo, C.; Javid, Nadeem; Frederix, P.W.J.M.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleBiocatalytic Amide Condensation and Gelation Controlled by Light (2014)
AuthorsSahoo, J.K.; Nalluri, S.K.M.; Javid, Nadeem; Webb, H.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleMMP-9 triggered micelle-to-fibre transitions for slow release of doxorubicin (2014)
AuthorsKalafatovic, D.; Nobis, M.; Javid, Nadeem; Frederix, P.W.J.M.; Anderson, K.I.; Saunders, B.R.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleBiocatalytically Triggered Co‐Assembly of Two‐Component Core/Shell Nanofibers (2014)
AuthorsAbul-Haija, Y.M.; Roy, S.; Frederix, P.W.J.M.; Javid, Nadeem; Jayawarna, V.; Ulijn, R.V.
TitleDifferential Self-Assembly and Tunable Emission of Aromatic Peptide Bola-Amphiphiles Containing Perylene Bisimide in Polar Solvents Including Water (2014)
AuthorsBai, S.; Debnath, S.; Javid, Nadeem; Frederix, P.W.J.M.; Fleming, S.; Pappas, C.G.; Ulijn, R.V.