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Professor Christoph Bluth

Professor in International Relations

Faculty/Dept/School School of Social Sciences
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 236845


Nuclear weapons policy and non-proliferation, military policy, NATO, North East Asia, Korea, Russia and Eurasia, Pakistan, Iraq, German, human rights policy, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cold War History


Teaching interests

International Relations, Strategic Studies, Nuclear Weapons Policy and Arms Control, East Asian Studies

Year Module code Title Subject
PES7054-BThe international system in theory and context
PES5035-BThe Politics and Processes of Foreign Policy
PES6028-BAdvanced Study of International Relations
PES6024-BInternational Policy Processes in Practice
PES6027-BTechnology, Violence and War
PHA7072-CM1 Research Design, Philosophy & Working Beyond Disciplines
PES5022-BGlobalisation and Global Governance

Professional activities

  • Trinity College Dublin -
  • 01-JAN-89: King’s College London - Ph.D.
  • Department of War Studies, King’s College London - Research Fellow
  • University of Leeds - Professor
  • Department of Government, University of Essex - Lecturer
  • University of Reading - Professor
  • (Yonsei University, Seoul) - Visiting Professor
  • Korea Institute for Defense Analyses - Research Fellow
  • Royal Historical Society, Fellow
  • Faculty Director of Internationalisation
  • Division Research Lead
  • Academic Leadership: Director of Internationalisation, Faculty of Social Sciences


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleDie US-Intervention in Afghanistan: Die Politik der Obama-Regierung (2022)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
JournalSIRIUS – Zeitschrift für Strategische Analysen
TitleGlobal Security in the Post-Cold War Era and the Relevance of Nuclear Weapons (2021)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
JournalJournal of Security and Strategic Analyses
PublisherStrategic Vision Institute
TitleThe Paradox of North Korea's nuclear diplomacy: Insights from conflict transformation theory (2017)
AuthorsBluth, Christoph
TitleDilemmas of Human Rights and Security in Asia (2022)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
TitleIndia-Pakistan Strategic Relations: The Nuclear Dilemma India-Pakistan Strategic Relations: The Nuclear Dilemma (2020)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth and Uzma Mumtaz
PublisherIbidem Press
TitleShadows of War - Arms Control and the Military Confrontation in Central Europe during the Cold War (2020)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
TitleSecurity, Culture and Human Rights in the Middle East and South Asia (2019)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
TitleThe Nuclear Challenge: US-Russian Strategic Relations After the Cold War (2019)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
TitleUS foreign policy in the Caucasus and Central Asia : politics, energy and security (2013)
AuthorsBluth, Christoph
TitleCrisis on the Korean peninsula (2011)
AuthorsBluth, Christoph
Book Chapters
TitleMongolia's System Transition and Northeast Asia Peace Geopolitics (2021)
AuthorsChristoph Bluth
Journal몽골의 체제전환과 동북아 평화지정학
PublisherSeoul National University Press
TitleNuclear Security – Transcending the Policy Objectives of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime (2018)
AuthorsBluth, Christoph
TitleNuclear weapons in global security (2017)
AuthorsBluth C.
JournalNuclear Politics in Asia
Edited Book
Title몽골의 체제전환과 동북아 평화지정학 (2021)
AuthorsPark Jiwoon, Urtnasan, Christoph Bluth
PublisherSNU University Press
Other Publications
Other typeArticle
TitleAir purification system on reduction of CO2 concentration using low temperature liquefaction (2020)
AuthorsCao W.;Bluth C.
JournalMaterials Science Forum
Title Author(s)
The conventional arms race between India and Pakistan: A two-player game with only one side in full force (2019)Christoph Bluth and Uih Ran Lee