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Dr. Clare Beckett-Wrighton,
Associate Professor

Information about Dr. Clare Beckett-Wrighton at the University of Bradford.

School of Social Sciences
(Faculty of Mgmt, Law & Social Sciences)
+44 1274 236831
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I have taught for over 20 years at the University of Bradford. During that time I have developed a number of programmes of learning, including a successful MA course Gender and Women's Studies. Many women found this course interesting and beneficial. In particular some women who attended the course became successful leaders in their communities within the African continent. Following the end of the MA programmes, I worked on the development of new courses within the faculty of Social sciences and I have been an active member of the teaching team of sociology and social policy and including the area of Criminology. My interests in Criminology and the teachings lead to my working with the West Yorkshire Probation Consortium. The Consortium was responsible for the training of Probation officers within West Yorkshire and other areas of the North East of England. My Criminology interest has continued through my work and research and has led to me becoming the current programme leader for the BSc. Psychology and Crime programme. My commitment to working with diversity is not only within my teaching. I was a founder member of the staff LGBT group and have been working within the LGBT community for a number of years. I was a joint chair of the Equity Partnership, a local LGBTQ organisation based in Bradford. My interest in the LGBT community does not stop at just participation in groups, it also influences my work and to this end I have recently completed research in to the relationships of Tran’s partners. This work and my activism has led to the developments in the recognition for LGBT staff and students within the university and the wider community. Within the wider University I am currently Director of Post Graduate Studies within the School of Social Studies to support Postgraduate teaching. This builds on and compliments my role as Chair of the Social Science panel of Ethical approval within the University. This ensures that I am current with my knowledge and understanding of Ethics, and it continues to underpin all my work within the University. I have just recently celebrated my 4th wedding Anniversary with my wife, and the introduction of the legislation legalising Same Sex marriage has led to one of my current research projects ‘that’ll be the day’. My wife is also an active member of the local LGBT community and also supports members of the wider community through her work as a social worker. I believe in the importance of prioritise maintaining a good work/ life balance, and this ensures that I am able to commit to providing excellent educational opportunities for all at the University of Bradford.


Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual lives in a discriminatory world: I am particularly interested in ways in which marginalised or disadvantaged people negotiate identity against compulsory and hegemonic heterosexuality.


Details on teaching interests, highlights and modules are available for Dr. Clare Beckett-Wrighton as follows:

Teaching interests

British Society Since 1945: Rethinking History- year 1 undergraduate sociology Gendering Transitions – Masters level module