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Dementia Studies Building international Links in Berlin

Building international Links in Berlin. Posted. July 5, 2018. Bears, Beer, Curry-Wust and Medical Anthropology. ... A couple of months ago I made contact with the Medical Anthropology Research Group at the Freie Universitӓt in Berlin, and was invited to

Bradford Life Things they don’t tell you about Chemistry degrees

You may be wondering where a Chemistry degree can take you. It’s all just about lab coats and Bunsen burners, right? Wrong. The fact is society needs Chemists. Over the next 10-20 years, ther…

Dementia Studies Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Grant

I spent the next two days at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

Bradford Life Engineers will design our future

Think about your average day. The iPhone alarm you snooze in the morning was designed by an engineer. The electric toothbrush that you desperately need to put on charge – it was designed by an engi…

Dementia Studies Dementia Education for Young People

This is what our current research focuses on in collaboration with Dr Alys Griffiths (Leeds Beckett University) and Dr Nicolas Farina (Brighton and Sussex Medical School).

Bradford Life How to make the most of a UCAS fair

UCAS Fairs are a great place to kick off your university research. They’re happening all over the UK between March and July, so there’s bound to be one happening near you. If you are in…

Bradford Life Asking Adult Learners: Wayne

Wayne is a Film and TV production student at the University of Bradford, who continues to run his own business whilst studying here. Read on to find out about his journey back into education. Why d…

Bradford Life These life hacks will get you through the first few weeks of uni

So, you’ve bagged your place at uni and you’re getting ready to start your new student life. Here are some essentials and helpful tips to help you get your first few weeks off to a grea…

Bradford Life Emma

Student life in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Posts By: Emma. Whilst in 6th form I was told countless times how important it was to achieve the best A-level results that I was capable of, and how University was the be-all…. Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Bradford Life Freshly brewed music with Doug: FLAWES

Today I’m taking a look back at the UBU Coffee House Session by the band FLAWES. This week’s session had a last minute venue change due to a clash with a Careers Fair in Student Central…