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Science Bridges China What is Science Bridges China?

Our two themes are Pharmaceutical Science for drug discovery and drug delivery, and Medical Technology – including advanced polymer and biopolymer materials.

Students Blog Preparar – to prepare

long term memory and, more importantly, to learn the medical Spanish which I will need to fully appreciate my experience and ask plenty of questions.

Bradford Graduate Blog Finding Yourself

I learnt much more during my undergraduate degree asides the medical sciences – the importance of determination and personal growth. ... She is an experienced health and medical content writer and provides writing services for clients worldwide.

Dementia Studies 2019 November

Commentary on contemporary issues surrounding Dementia, from the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies, University of Bradford. Monthly Archives: November 2019. I am Oladayo Bifarin, a PhD student at the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies, and my PhD

Career and Employability Services Employers

Based in Batley, the company creates interactive e-learning…. Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 inFor this week’s article, Rachel Hogg, a final year Medical Engineering student tells us about her Summer

Dementia Studies 2018 July

Friday, July 6th, 2018 inBears, Beer, Curry-Wust and Medical Anthropology It’s summer, and I am sitting on the train in Berlin, the city of Berliner bears, beer and

Bradford Graduate Blog Jordan’s response to COVID-19

As per the World Bank Jordan ranks number five worldwide for Medical Tourism. ... IDs and location are sent via WhatsApp, medical information and telephone numbers taken.

Career and Employability Services Summer Experience

But, whatever happens in the…. Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 inFor this week’s article, Rachel Hogg, a final year Medical Engineering student tells us about her Summer Experience placement last year

Dementia Studies How prepared is the next generation of carers of people with dementia? Introducing the Caregiving HOPE project.

Carers are often “thrown into” the role, when a family member or friend receives a diagnosis of a medical condition.