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Methods for the analysis of ordinal response data in medical image quality assessment

Abstract. The assessment of image quality in medical imaging often requires observers to rate images for some metric or detectability task. ... We detail the suitability of each approach depending upon the data structure and demonstrate each method using

Novel medical imaging technologies for processing epithelium and endothelium layers in corneal confocal images. Developing automated segmentation and quantification algorithms for processing sub-basal epithelium nerves and endothelial cells for early diagn

eng. dc.subject. Medical imaging. en_US. dc.subject. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. en_US. dc.subject. ... Fast Fourier transform. en_US. dc.subject. Watershed transformation. en_US. dc.title. Novel medical imaging technologies for processing epithelium

Balancing Risk and Benefit in Medical Radiology.

Abstract. This book provides an introductory overview of a wide range of commonly encountered medical imaging tests including radiation- based techniques such as plain film radiography, computed tomography and nuclear medicine, ... and non-ionising

Dose assessment of digital tomosynthesis in pediatric imaging

This is an author produced version of a paper published in Proceedings SPIE 7258, Medical Imaging. ... In: Proceedings SPIE 7258, Medical Imaging. Physics of Medical Imaging. 13 Mar 2009, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando Area), Florida, USA.

Should sports consider neuroimaging in the assessment of concussion?

The article also considers the potential role of medical imaging in terms of assessing both acute and chronic head injuries. ... Greater awareness of when medical imaging could be used will aid the practitioner's understanding of its potential

Precision pharmacology: Mass spectrometry imaging and pharmacokinetic drug resistance

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is a relatively new and complex technique that allows imaging of drug distribution within tissues. ... Version. Accepted manuscript. Citation. Jove M, Spencer J, Clench M et al (2019) Precision pharmacology: Mass

An Active Microwave Sensor for Near Field Imaging

Abstract. Near field imaging using microwaves in medical applications is of great current interest for its capability and accuracy in identifying features of interest, in comparison with other known screening tools. ... Measurements indicate that this