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The University of Bradford welcomes important international visitors to the Polymer IRC laboratories and continues to develop its strong Chinese Research links.


Dr Dali Gao Senior Engineer of the Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, SINOPEC, has arrived in the UK, to work with Professor Phil Coates and his team. Dr Dali Gao will be based in the Polymer IRC laboratories over the next 3 months in association with the major SINOPEC research contract we have for solid phase deformation of polymers, also run by Dr Fin Caton-Rose . Dr Dali Gao will undertake a range of tasks including some experimental and discussions of potential future work.

Dr Ajay Taraiya of Sabic (Bangalore) is due to be with the University of Bradford from 4-15 July, to undertake solid phase biaxial orientation die drawing experiments in the Polymer IRC laboratories . Ajay has become a regular visitor, in relation to our Sabic solid phase deformation research programme.

Professor Yongfeng Men, from Changchun CIACCAS, our Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellow, is due to be with the University of Bradford from 18 July to 15 August. He will work with Professor Phil Coates and his team on the Newton programme with microscale die drawing and microscale micromoulding for x-ray beam line studies. The University of Bradford formed our second international Joint Laboratory with Changchun CIACCAS last September (the first is with Sichuan, formed in 2010 and now Ministry of Science & Technology approved).

The University of Bradford’s Chinese research links are to be found at and; our web gateway