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Digital Lifestory-telling in Action


As part of the Bradford Science Festival on 18th October, Bradford Dementia Group hosted a digital lifestory-telling workshop at the Faculty of Health Studies.

Andrea Capstick, Katherine Ludwin and Bob Dunnett led the session, based on an approach to film-making that was used with people with dementia in long-term residential care as part of a research study funded by the National institute for Health Research which ended in April 2014.

The workshop, which was attended by health and social care practitioners, students and researchers, provided information to help participants get started with their own digital storytelling project. The process was modelled with Bob Dunnett, an active member of Bradford Dementia Group’s Experts by Experience panel, who has been involved with setting up a number of community groups to support people with dementia and their families.

Participants learned how to conduct an image search, identify images relevant to the person’s life history, add music to a slideshow and edit in sound. Overall emphasis was placed on the participatory nature of the process, in which participants have control over what they want to tell other people about themselves, their lives and their interests. In Bob’s case, it was his Glasgow childhood, career in the merchant Navy, and his love of music and deep sea fishing which helped to bring the workshop to life for everyone who took part.

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