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The University of Bradford is a founder member of NCUK which offers "pathway programmes" to students who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and globally.

They are taught at NCUK accredited centres around the world.

The NCUK programmes feature a unique English for Academic Purposes module which gives you the study skills you need to succeed in a UK university, meaning that you arrive fully prepared to learn straightaway.

Programmes are delivered in your home country, as well as in the UK, and they include study options for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

If you pass your NCUK programmes, you are guaranteed a place at one of the 11 member universities of the consortium.

Each year Bradford welcomes many new NCUK students onto our courses, joining our student population from across the globe.

A full list of courses and our entry requirements for NCUK students, as well as information about how to apply to Bradford once you are enrolled with NCUK, is available at the NCUK website.