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My experience with the Students' Union
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Joining a society can enrich your university journey and help you make lifelong friends. Maleehah shares what being part of a society means to her.

The University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU) is a fun place for personal development where you can make friends, go on trips, attend events and much more.


I've had many great experiences as part of a society and I would recommend taking part in the Freshers Fayre. It's a month of activities and events to participate in during the fresher period (this usually takes place in September).

This involves the 'food crawl' which is a popular craze the University of Bradford Union of Students do every year. I've been in the Students' Union these past two years and I can say that it has been something both local and international students have enjoyed participating in.

A view of Student Central full of students at Freshers Fayre

Making friends

During my time as an Executive Officer, I went on a training trip to Mankinholes with my colleagues from UBU. This trip involved me going on hikes and making meals together with my colleagues.

The hike was my favourite challenge that I enjoyed participating in because it pushed me in my physical fitness, and I enjoyed the stunning scenery around me in the countryside. Also, as part of team building, I partook in a raft-building exercise. This involved me working with my colleagues to build a raft to sail on in the sea.

My experience in the training developed my skills in the creativity of learning raft-building and pushing my physical fitness in hiking. I got the local travel experience with UBU that I cherish and got to do things on my bucket list.

UBU events and activities

In addition, I'd really recommend getting involved in events and campaigns that societies and UBU Executives organise throughout the academic year.

Black History Month, South Asian Heritage Week, Women’s History, Diwali, Eid, and Girls Nights are examples of the events that UBU students have organised.

In the past two years, I have been proactive in the Islamic Society (ISOC) and helped to support the society's events. I have co-organised many events such as hijab in Islam teachings, Dr Haifa's sermon, Islamophobia awareness, Discover Islaam Week, Ramadan, and Halaqah classes. I believe the Islamic Society has created a safe space and community for Muslim women to observe their religion and be steadfast in learning knowledge of Islam.

It is very important for me being a Muslim that I can observe my prayers throughout my study day and participate in attending events that help me become a better Muslim woman.

The Islamic Society members, notably Raizana, encouraged me to attend events and provided me with several Islamic books for me to make use of. Arguably, the Islamic Society has been my biggest stronghold of engagement because it has helped me learn knowledge about Islam. It has stayed a focal point of my University experience so far.

Having that safe space to practice my religion and gain knowledge whilst studying for my Law degree has been greatly appreciated.

Three people in a group talking and laughing.

My experience as a Minority Ethnicities Officer

In 2022-2023, I organised South Asian Heritage Week, a week of events that consisted of movie screenings, food, karaoke, dance and henna. I also remember attending a talk on women’s safety with a police officer and other students discussing ways to improve safety on campus for women.

Alongside the fun events, UBU always focuses on campaigns central to societal issues affecting every demographic. That is why the UBU Council team has diverse types of executive positions, varying from Black Students' Officer, Inclusion Officer, Women’s Officer and many more.

Are you interested in joining a society? Take your interests to the next level and discover societies at the University of Bradford Union of Students.

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