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Clearing: another opportunity to apply
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Information for parents and carers about different ways that their young person can use the Clearing process.

More and more, we're noticing that prospective students are viewing the Clearing process as simply another way to find a place at a university.

It's also another chance for them to think about their options, change their minds, or have a fresh start.  

A different way to apply  

Clearing can be a quick, practical and effective way for your young person to move forward with their journey to university if they did not apply before the 30 June deadline. 

For example, maybe they planned to take a gap year, gain work experience, or hadn’t seriously considered university. Perhaps their plans fell through, or their circumstances changed, and now the idea of attending university this September appeals to them in a new way.  

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Going through Clearing can be especially well suited to someone who's comfortable making decisions and plans quickly. Rather than waiting for weeks or months for a decision, Clearing moves fast. Many people who use Clearing to apply for a course end up with an offer within days, if not hours - or even minutes!

Consider all options 

Clearing also can mean that your young person doesn’t need to stick to their original offer and plan. They may have already chosen a course and met the requirements, but now they're wondering if they made the correct choice. The Clearing process gives them another opportunity to explore other options and make sure they study the course that’s best suited to their career and life goals.   

Just go for it - I don’t think there are any downsides to applying through Clearing. If you already have your offer, it stays with you whilst you’re looking at other courses and universities, and it’s providing you with the best opportunity to make sure you can go and study somewhere you’ll love.

- Aroosa, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Better results than expected 

Results Day is stressful, but don't forget - your young person may discover that their grades are better than they expected. Clearing gives them the chance to explore opportunities to change to different courses and universities that require higher grades.

Explore alternatives for a fresh start 

Clearing is also a very important tool for students who did not receive any offers, don’t want to accept any of the offers they received, or did not meet the conditions of their offers on Results Day.  

It’s important to resist the urge to panic. Think of Clearing as another opportunity for your young person to find a course and university that they will love.  

We’re here to help 

Our Clearing content for parents or carers can help you provide the best support to the young person or people in your care. We’ll help you with your research, planning and preparations for Results Day and Clearing.  

Got a question about Clearing?  

Our Enquires Team is here to help.  

They can answer any queries you have about Clearing or studying at The University of Bradford.