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Policy Framework  


The University’s Policy Framework is intended to provide a consistent approach to the management of the University’s policies, regulations etc.  

It lays out: 

  • when a policy is required;
  • what should go in a policy; 
  • who should be consulted; 
  • where a policy should be approved; and  
  • how a policy should be communicated after approval. 

The Policy Framework is accompanied by a Policy Template 2023 (Word, 56.7 KB) which should be used as the basis for all University Policies and Regulations, Procedures etc.  

A guidance document for ensuring the policy template is accessible can be found on our intranet (staff only): Policy Template Accessibility Guidance

For advice on Policy development or in using the Policy Framework or templates, please contact the Student Conduct, Risk and Information Governance Team: 

Matthew Stephenson, Tel 01274 233021, Email: