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Bradford architecture students invited on week-long study trip to Morocco



Students enrolling on the University of Bradford’s brand new architectural degrees can take part in a week-long study trip to Morocco.

Course director Professor Claudia Trillo said the trip would offer students a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Travel costs will be met by the University.

University Clearing is now open.

The University has invested £3m in new facilities and equipment for its architecture programmes, which will also make students ready for the ‘metaverse’ with access to the latest Oculus Meta VR headsets and hi-spec PCs.

All undergraduate students who enrol in 2022 - whether home or international - will benefit from a  scholarship - in the form of a £7,500 fee reduction for international students and a £2,000 cash payment for home students (subject to conditions).

The trip to Morocco, which will include visiting Marrakesh, will take place in March 2023 and is also an example of how the university is ‘decolonising’ its curriculum.

Professor Claudia Trillo

Prof Trillo said: “The new architecture courses are being strongly supported by the university to the point that in March students will get the chance to visit Morocco for one week to study some of the most important architectural sites.

“While this is a unique opportunity to explore fantastic North African heritage, it is also part of the university’s efforts to decolonise the curriculum - so, not choosing somewhere obvious such as Paris or Rome - and move away from the Western-centric heritage model.”

A national study trip to either London or Edinburgh has also been approved.

New programmes summary:-

  • New programmes: BSc in architectural technology and BEng in architectural engineering

  • Study trip to Morocco
  • The university will offer every home student a £2,000 scholarship and every international student a £7,500 scholarship for each year of study. The scholarship is guaranteed provided the student passes each academic year on their first attempt.

  • Working with practising architects and engineers

  • Utilising VR and AI technology to develop complex designs

  • Learning linked to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Find out more about CLEARING here.

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