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Dr Mark Goodall

Dr Mark Goodall

Associate Professor in Film

Expertise: Film, cult film, occult music

Dr Goodall's specialist area is cult and experimental films of the 1960s and 1970s. He is regarded as an expert in the genre of the Italian mondo film, a form of sensationalist documentary and has published essays on the subject. 

He is a guest programmer for the annual Bradford Film Festival and has curated retrospectives on filmmakers including Italian director Gualtiero Jacopetti, English filmmaker Peter Whitehead, Belgian filmmaker Thierry Zeno and American director Godfrey Reggio. He is also editor of an occasional journal celebrating British writer Malcolm Lowry, The Firminist

Dr Goodall directs his own films, such as The Beckoning Fair One, a short which was shown at Bradford’s Widescreen Weekend in 2022. He is also a musician who writes and records with the group Rudolf Rocker, whose music was popular on BBC2 series, The League of Gentlemen.

He has recently published two books on occult music - Gathering of the Tribe: Acid and Gathering of the Tribe: Landscape.

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