Giving to Bradford

This unique and outstanding institution could not achieve all it does without the generosity of our donors.

Throughout our history, individuals and organisations who, like us, believe that the benefits of knowledge should be open to as many and varied a group of people as possible, have enhanced our facilities, teaching, and the power we have to share these with people of all circumstances and backgrounds.

We recruit a high proportion of students from comparatively poor backgrounds and BME origins, and more than 150 nationalities are represented amongst our 14,000 students. Our research is of the highest quality and value precisely because it is undertaken in the context of industrial, commercial and practical application. Our staff are proud of their strong involvement with business, and their ability to help create innovative solutions for a very wide range of businesses, from medicine and pharmacology, through IT and management education to construction and engineering. 

In order to perform at our absolute best in all these areas, we require financial support above and beyond that which is provided by public funding.

The University is committed to ethical fundraising. For further information about our ethical principles relating to donations and financial accountability, please