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Maths Skills for University Introduction

Welcome to the Maths Skills for University online programme, created by the Academic Skills Advice Service at the University of Bradford.

Academic Skills Advice has produced a programme which covers most of the maths topics that you will need to be familiar with when starting Engineering, Economics and Science courses. There are 10 sections in total. The 1st section is quite long because it's just revision for most people - just do the practice questions if you don't need the teaching sheets.

The scheme of work for the programme is listed in the menu at the side. Each topic includes:

  • a teaching sheet,
  • a summary sheet (handy if you like to save or print reminders),
  • some practice questions and the answers.
  • For some topics there are also video explanations and/or links to fun activities. We have also included the site for where the activities can be found - just in case they are moved and the link doesn't work. Remember that you could right click a link and select "open link in new tab" if you don't wish to navigate away from the course.

We suggest that, for each topic, you start with the teaching sheet (and the video where available) and then do the practice questions to check your understanding. Some of the practice sheets have space for you to write your answers but you'll need paper for your working out.

Remember: If you open a pdf in your browser then you may need to click "back" when you have finished as "close" may end your web session.

Please get in touch with Academic Skills if you need more in-depth help, or if you have any feedback about the programme (e.g. suggestions, improvements, corrections etc).

To work through the programme click on next or:

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To jump straight to a specific topic click on the menu at the side.