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Planning Your Journey

Please read the information below carefully to help you get organised and stay safe for your journey to Bradford.

Please follow the Induction and Enrolment instructions given to you by your Department when you arrange the date you will arrive.

When planning your journey, please refer to the How To Find Us information for advice.

If you are arriving at Leeds/Bradford or Manchester airports you could consider using our convenient airport pick-up service.

Your Luggage

Most airlines will allow you to bring around 20kg of luggage on your flight (check with your airline for the exact amount). You will be able to buy items such as bedding, towels and household goods such as kitchen equipment, in the UK when you arrive. We have daily walking tours to the city centre and a number of shopping trips by coach to places where you can buy good value items.  Second-hand items may also be for sale during the orientation period.

Remember to label your luggage well with your name and your address in Bradford.  Attach these details securely to the outside of your suitcase and also put them inside your case to help the airline return it to you if it gets lost on your journey.


The weather in the UK is notoriously changeable! It is helpful to have several layers of clothing that you can put on or take off according to the changes in the weather. You will certainly need a warm coat for the winter, preferably with a hood, as well as gloves, scarf and a hat. An umbrella is also an essential item! For January arrivals, it is likely to be cold when you arrive, so please have some warm clothing with you for immediate use, and then you can buy extra items locally so that you do not have to use up all your luggage allowance on heavy items.

National Dress

You might like to bring your traditional dress from your country or region with you, as there will be occasions during the year when you will be able to wear this – at the Civic Reception that the Lord Mayor holds in the City Hall for all new international students at the start of the academic year and during our ‘One World Week’ for example.

Sports Equipment

As we have a wide range of sports clubs at the University, it is highly likely that you will be able to continue playing your favourite sports when you get here, or try something new. If you have any specialist equipment bring it with you and you will have a ready made opportunity to meet new friends.

Packing tips

  • It is good idea to bring a few photos of your family and friends with you, as well as a few favourite items that remind you of home.
  • A bilingual dictionary may be useful for you, if English language is not your first language. 
  • Do not bring fresh food stuff as there are strict rules governing the import of may animal, dairy and vegetable products. If in doubt, leave it out. For a list of goods you cannot bring into the UK, see the HM Revenue and Customs page on banned or restricted goods.

Documents to bring with you

Here is a list of the documents you will need to bring. Carry these in your hand luggage as you will need to show all or some of these at Immigration on entering the UK

  • Passport with visa for non-EEA* students
  • CAS statement and unconditional offer letter
  • Your examination certificates as stated in your CAS statement
  • Your TB health certificate and any chest X-Rays if these are required for your visa
  • Details of all vaccinations that you have received
  • Medical records if you have any pre-existing conditions (with English translation)Any medication that you are currently taking (including a letter from your doctor in English, confirming which medication you are carrying)
  • Your accommodation contract
  • Evidence of your finances for your tuition fees and living costs (for example the bank statements that you used for your visa application, or your official sponsor letter if you are sponsored by your government or a world scholarship organisation)

*Students from EEA countries and Switzerland do not require a visa to enter the UK.

EEA countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Travel Insurance

It is in your own interests to arrange travel insurance for your luggage and personal items before you travel to the UK. If your luggage is lost or damaged during your journey, you may be able to claim some compensation.

If your luggage is damaged or lost on your journey, please note that it is essential to report it at the airport before leaving the Arrivals area.

Travel Safety Tips

  • Do not bring large amounts of cash
  • Do not put cash in your suitcase.
  • Carry it in a money belt or shoulder bag that you will be able to wear across your body throughout your journey
  • During your journey, do not accept help with your luggage from people you do not know
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time
  • Pack your own luggage
  • Do not accept requests to carry items for other people

Airport Pick-up Service

We advise planning your flights so that you arrive at either Leeds/Bradford Airport (which is the closest to the University) or to Manchester Airport.

Free airport pick up services will be available from Leeds/Bradford Airport and Manchester Airport on certain dates during the year. 

For students on the 30 week Pre-Sessional English course, the airport pick up service will be available on Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January 2018.  The deadline for making a booking if you will be on this course, is 5 January 2018. 

For students coming on other courses starting January 2018, the dates of our service will be Wednesday 17 January to Sunday 21 January 2018.  The deadline for making a booking if you will be starting your course in September, is 12 January 2018.  

Please fill out the booking form to book this service. 

When our airport pick up service is not available, please see the information on how to reach the University from airports in the UK.

For enquiries or further information,  please contact

Bringing Your Car

If you are thinking about bringing your car with you, please check in advance with your accommodation provider whether there will be any car parking possibilities. 

Not all Halls of Residence have car parking availability for residents and it is extremely important for you to find out before you arrive what the situation is and the costs that will be involved. Car parking permits for the University campus itself are also limited and not issued to students living within a two mile radius of the campus.

Also please don't forget that in the UK we drive on the left. 

Useful links:

Emergency Contact Number

If you have any difficulties on your journey, or if you need to inform the University of changes to your arrival plans, you can call the following number during September.

  • When calling from within the UK: 0800 073 1581
  • When calling from outside the UK: +44 800 073 1581

There is no charge for calls to the number from within the UK, and it is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through September. It will be answered by staff of the University at all times.