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Visa Support Webinars

We understand that making a visa application can be a stressful process but we can guide you through it to make it as smooth as possible.

The Visa Support Team are running a series of Visa Application and Pre-Arrival Webinars over the next few months.

Webinar dates - 2018

Two webinars will take place on the following days at 9:00 BST and 16:00 BST:

Spring / Summer 2018

Agents Webinars

  • Friday 9th March
  • Friday 6th April
  • Friday 4th May
  • Friday 8th June
  • Friday 6th July
  • Friday 27th July

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Applicants Webinars

  • Wednesday 23rd May 
  • Wednesday 13th June 
  • Wednesday 27th June 
  • Thursday 5th July 
  • Wednesday 30th July
  • Wednesday 8th August
  • Wednesday 22nd August 

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Pre-Arrival Webinars

  • Thursday 14th June
  • Thursday 28th June
  • Wednesday 4th July
  • Friday 20th July
  • Thursday 16th August
  • Wednesday 29th August 

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View last years webinars recordings below:

Pre-departure briefing for international students webinar

You may find the Webinar presentation  below useful for preparing your journey to the University of Bradford