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Sports centre


‌Craniosacral Therapy is now available daily at Unique Fitness and Lifestyle with a special rate for both staff and students.


What is Craniosacral therapy?

​Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle form of treatment where the therapist uses light touch to identify restrictions in the body’s tissues, fluids and bones.  Working with these structures can help restore and maintain a balance of physical, psychological and emotional health.  It is particularly effective in reducing stress but can help with many issues such as Anxiety, Arthritis, Back/Neck Pain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Migraines, Insomnia, Sports Injuries, Shock and Trauma, Sciatica, TMJ Issues, to name but a few.


Price List

General Public - £40.00

University Employees - £35.00

University Students - £30.00


If you are interested in booking a treatment or just wish to discuss whether treatment will be beneficial to you, please call Andrea on 07981 346006 or see website

Andrea Johnson RCST is a member of the Cranio-Sacral Therapy Association.