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Zhaohua Shi

BSc Accounting and Finance

Zhaohua Shi
  • From China

21-year-old Zhaohua says she chose to study here because she would be able to learn independently, and get a different experience to studying back home in China.

"The cultural difference between China and UK - the education in University is totally different.

"In the UK, I am learning to work in a group and think independently.

"Teachers in university play a role as guider and supporter; they are not like teachers in China who prefer to cramming method of teaching.

"So the most important reason that I chose to study in the UK is the golden education system of independent learning."

The history of the University of Bradford, which is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2016, was also a big draw for Zhaohua:

"Before I went to the UK, I considered Singapore - it is not far away from my country and also provides a high quality of education.

"However, compared to the UK, I think the education system is not as mature and the history of university is not as long."

Work-life balance

She applied to the University through agents in China, and says she found lots of "useful information" on our website, but she used other methods to find out more about life here:

"As for the UK, there are movies and TV series which introduce the culture and life in the UK. It is also a good way to understand more about the UK.

"In order to strike a work-life balance between my academic studies and my personal life, I have also adapted to foreign culture swiftly by being a volunteer as a Chinese language class teacher, and particularly enjoy sharing and discussing cultural differences with other students.

"The rigors of studying in the UK have required overcoming challenges by discussing thought-provoking questions with my classmates and also my lecturers and tutors."

Language challenge

"I think the big challenge for me is the language.

"Although I have passed the IELTS, it is difficult to quickly improve the language skills in writing and speaking like a local student, so when I write some reports or essays, I may lose marks on the presentation."

"After my Bachelor's course, I am going to apply for my Master’s degree in the UK to improve my academic ability much further.

"The UK education system actually bridges a gap between theory and practice, so it will improve our employment ability.

"Moreover, the heuristic education enables me to plan my future career in advance, so that I can set a clear objective to pursue, which certainly motivates me to study harder."