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Peter Black

MEng Medical Engineering (with placement year)

  • Has ambitions of becoming a Chartered Engineer
  • Did a placement year at Depuy Synthes, developing and testing hip and knee implants
  • President of the Scuba Diving Society
  • Vice President of the Rowing Society
MEng Medical Engineering student Peter Black

Why did you decide to study at Bradford?

When I first arrived I was hooked, I like how close everything is to the campus. You can almost roll out of bed and into your lectures. Everyone is friendly here and nice. It's a good city – nice curry! 

I always knew I wanted to do Engineering but after looking at the courses on offer, Medical Engineering really stood out for me - it's almost like looking at the body as a machine.

What's been the best aspect of your course?

For me, it's the broad areas of topics that you cover on the course. 

Not only do you cover core Mechanical Engineering but you also do a lot of applied like tissue engineering, orthopedic and implant design - it means there's such a wide range of areas that you can go into once you graduate.

What projects have you worked on?

I've done a couple of research projects during my course, one of them was an interdisciplinary design project between Electronic, Mechanical and Medical Engineering. 

Together, we've been looking at designing and developing a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device. So far, we've gone through the first stages of that and have secured funding to make a prototype and start testing. 

It's something which we identified in the market that needs to be addressed, so I've really had the opportunity to be at forefront of research.

University of Bradford student Peter Black

What facilities have you used during your studies?

As a Medical Engineering student I've been lucky that I've got to use so many different facilities and equipment. First you are shown how to use the machines, then you use them yourself. 

Ithe first and second year we used the polymer and electrical labs to cover our core understandings. We also got to use the Medical labs with a lot of applied modules we've worked on. 

For example, I've used hip simulators to help me understand how the joints work. I've learnt how to use clinical signals, such as ECGs, EMGs and EEGs and analysed them in different ways, using different techniques.

University of Bradford student Peter Black
I've constantly felt supported throughout my time here, the door is always open. Peter Black

Have you been a part of any clubs or societies?

I've been involved in a couple of societies during my time here. I was President of the Scuba Diving Society and Vice-President of the Rowing Society. I'd not even tried either of them before I came to university. I chose rowing at first because it was a way to keep fit and it was good fun.

Learning to scuba dive for the first time was a highlight for me, it turns out I really enjoy it. We train in the Unique Gym swimming pool, take trips to specialist quarries around the UK and even had a society holiday to Malta to go diving there.

By getting involved with the Students' Union I've not only met loads of different people, I've also gained leadership, team work and time management skills, which I'll be able to apply in real-life after uni.

University of Bradford student Peter Black

What are your plans after you graduate?

I'm moving to Devon to start a Research and Development leadership programme at PALL corporation in the Life Sciences division. It’s a two-year programme and I'll be moving between different areas doing testing, research, design and project management.

I'm excited because it could take me anywhere. It's a large international company with the Head Quarters in the USA and sites throughout Europe.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying?

Come and have a look round and see what facilities are on offer here. Speak to the staff and students and tap into their experience to see what it could be like for you.

I would also recommend living in The Green during your first year, it's good fun and a way to make friends.