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Kiran Begum

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Applying through Clearing

"I was given an unconditional offer to study Biomedical Science from another university but Bradford was always my first preference. Normally you need to study A level Biology and Chemistry for Biomedical Science at Bradford but I had studied Applied Sciences.

"Clearing gave me the opportunity to discuss my grades with the course tutors, which modules I’d studied and demonstrate my knowledge. As a result, I received an offer and was delighted to accept."

Open Day

"When I visited the Open Day at Bradford I was made to feel really welcome. The staff were very engaging and I received a great insight into the classroom and appreciated being able to chat to the student ambassadors. I asked them straight, “is it hard?” They said that it was very much down to how much effort you are willing to put in!

"If I think back to first year when I was starting, I did have to work hard having not studied A level biology. It didn’t take too much time to catch up though and I was soon confidently studying some of the more complex stuff.

"Open Day was also a great opportunity to ask about student life at Bradford and the types of clubs and societies you can get involved in. There’s a Biomedical Sciences Society which has been a great source of support, with one-to-one help from students from the year above. I also joined the Baking Society – I’d say strawberry cheesecake is my signature bake."


Kiaran stood next to a tree.

Staff support

"The staff provided lots of detail at the Open Day. They could tell me about every class and what we would be studying. They talked about the exams and how they were reflected in my final degree classification.

"We discussed developing our own project work in year three and I was really excited about that. We also got hands-on experience with the Simulation Suite, playing around with the anatomage table and other facilities.

"I have one to one tuition here which I find really beneficial. They also have math revision sessions that I’ve taken advantage of.

"Every two weeks we also have sessions with the year above us on the course which has been amazing. They teach you, get you prepared for the exams and help you with scientific writing exercises."

Three students using the anatomage table in the University's Simulation Suite.
Microbiology has been my favourite module. I love how practical and interactive it is and there’s also a strong focus on group work.

Living in Bradford

"Growing up in Bradford means that I know the city quite well. I enjoy shopping and eating out with friends but to be honest we don’t usually venture much further than Great Horton Road. There are plenty of lovely cafes and takeaways right next to campus. I love movies too so I’ve also been to quite a few screenings at Bradford Student Cinema."

"When I’m not studying, life is still pretty busy. I have a part-time job tutoring school children aged between 8 and 13. I do about four sessions a week, supporting them with their English and Maths. I had been considering a career in teaching, perhaps Biology."

Final year

"I am feeling a bit nervous going into my final year because it's all based on practicals in year three. You are also expected to be even more independent than you were in years one and two. It's all project based and so I have to come up with my own lab schedule and I know that I won’t automatically get as much help as in previous years. I think the key will be being well prepared.

"I have two friends in particular that I study with regularly and we support each other as well as working together on group projects."

Looking forward

"Having now completed my second year at Bradford I’m looking into becoming a Physician Associate. It’s a relatively new role within the NHS that sits somewhere between a nurse and a doctor, working in a GP surgery or hospital.

"I had thought about pursuing a career as a doctor but that would mean another five years in education. Studying to become a Physician Associate is only another two years of study and it’s a course that’s available at Bradford so I’m hoping to continue my studies here."

Kiaran stood outside with her hands placed on a low metal fence.