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The exercises in this section are designed to encourage students to think about their motives for continuing their studies on to higher education (HE), and about their future life and career ambitions. It also tests their knowledge and understanding of the realities of HE study.

There are three units of study in the section:

  • Unit 1: What do you want from higher education?
  • Unit 2: Career choice
  • Unit 3: How much do you know about higher education?

Units 1 and 3 present around 50-60 minutes each of formal classroom activity.

However, Unit 2 contains two self-assessment and three questionnaire exercises. It may also be necessary to include an additional session on the contemporary job market for graduates, and some information is supplied for that purpose in these guidance notes (see Unit 2 notes), so there is likely to be around 4 hours in total of classroom work involved.

The exercises can be used as part of a formal study skills session with students and these notes offer you additional information on the issues raised in each unit. Included too, are some ‘teaching tips’ from tutors who have used the materials successfully in the past.

Alternatively, students can access the exercises online and work on them individually. If they decide to do this, additional information and answers to exercises, where relevant, will be available online for them.

Guidance Notes for Tutors