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During your higher education (HE) studies you will be expected to work with other students in small groups.

Group work can be, and mostly is, a stimulating, interesting, and even enjoyable experience for group members. However, to make it a positive experience it is necessary to think about the process in advance.

Contents of this section

Unit 1: Group work

This unit looks at the role of group work in higher education, and about some of the benefits and challenges that working with others can bring.

Unit 2: Group Roles

This unit presents you with a self-assessment questionnaire to identify the roles you can play in any group.

Unit 3: Presentations

Giving a group or individual presentation is a common feature of group work in higher education. This unit looks at how to give an effective presentation, and includes advice on managing anxiety.

Unit 4: Managing Group Conflict

Differences of opinion can arise in any group, so this unit looks at what can be done to minimize and manage any conflict that can arise.

You will watch a LearnHigher film that looks at a group of students brought together in a common task and invites you to think about how you might respond to the situations presented in the scenes.