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5: Writing for Higher Education


The marks you gain in assignments are largely dependent on two things:

The knowledge you gain from learning about your chosen subject. How well you communicate this knowledge to others - in essays, reports, and in exams (good writing).

Contents of this section

Unit 1:  Good Writing

This unit looks at what we mean by 'good' writing in an academic context. It also considers what tutors expect from student assignments.

Unit 2: Writing Essays

This unit considers the different stages of writing an essay, including analysing the question or task, descriptive and analytical writing, planning the structure, and writing the first drafts.

Unit 3: Writing Reports

This unit looks at the differences between essay and report writing and introduces the 'classic' five-stage report writing structure.

Unit 4: Avoiding Plagiarism

This unit examines what is meant by 'plagiarism' and how to avoid it in assignments. It also looks at the what, why, when and how of referencing evidence in assignments.

Unit 5: Sample Essay

The sample essay in this unit is an example of effective academic writing, and the reasons for this will be explained.