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3: Time Management


Managing time – and in particular juggling all the things they have to do in life - is probably the greatest challenge that higher education (HE) students face. In all surveys of experiences of HE students of all ages, this issue comes out top of their list of concerns.

For younger students, a HE course may be the first time they have had to work independently from the support given by other people, particularly parents and college tutors. They now have to juggle with - not just the demands of course work - but with all other aspects of life, including laundry and cooking, if they are in halls of residence, and often with part-time or full-time employment.

For mature students, their studies may have to be managed alongside the responsibilities of running a home, being a parent, carer, and employee; it’s not easy.

Section 3 of Trans:it looks at how you currently manage time, offers a range of advice, and presents four case studies of students with time management problems.

Contents of this section

Unit 1: How well do you manage time?

This unit includes a self-assessment  exercise and questionnaire that invites  you to think about how well you  currently manage your time.

Unit 2: Time traps

This unit looks at three common time traps  for students: procrastination, perfectionism, and poor planning, and examines what can  be done to manage these.

Unit 3: About time

This unit presents a range of techniques and tips on managing time.

Unit 4: Case studies

Four case studies, representing common time management problems, are presented for discussion.