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2: The Independent Learner


In Section 1 of this Trans:it Project , you were asked about your expectations of higher education (HE) and what you hoped you might gain from the experience. You also learned that HE students are expected to more independent than at college as you are likely to have less classroom contact with HE lecturers, compared to contact time with your college tutors.

Because you are expected to do more for yourself in HE - often working under pressure to complete work on time - becoming a more independent learner may require you to develop more effective skills for learning.

Independent learning is also is about understanding the system and knowing who will advise you if you run into difficulties. So Section 2 of Trans:it is about these issues.

Contents of this section

Unit 1:  Understanding HE 

Unit 1 covers the different levels of study you will encounter in HE; the way your work is assessed; plus a guide to the specialist language of higher education.

Unit 2: What is a student?

This unit looks at the learning 'roles' an HE student plays, and about what tutors expect of you, particularly in relation to written course work.

Unit 3: Do it in style

In this unit you will identify your intelligence type and connect this with learning techniques to help you become a more effective and independent learner.

Unit 4: Help!

You will learn more about the sources of help, advice and support available to you in higher education and look at some case studies of students who find themselves in need of support.