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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I ask for help?

For help with timetable queries, contact your Faculty Office in the first instance.

When will the timetables be released?

Programme timetables for teaching were released on Friday 1 September 2017

Students can now access personalised timetables via Publish

Timetables for 2018/19 will be available for students to view late summer 2018.

Where can I find my timetable?

Individual Student Timetables – Publish

You will be aware from an earlier announcement it is now possible using Publish to view and download individual personalised timetables.

This application allows the user to export key timetabling information to the electronic calendar of their choosing, with the additional function of enabling change notification, ensuring in the event an essential change is made will be automatically reflected and an email notification received explaining the change. NB It is important to note the notification service must be enabled within the Profile section of the application. 

To access and for further information please follow this link

Will the timetable change after it's been published?

Any necessary changes made to the published timetable will be updated automatically on online timetables - please make sure you refresh your browser.

Staff and students are responsible for checking their timetable regularly for amendments.

Do all areas around campus have WiFi?

Check details on the IT Services webpage to find out how to connect to WiFi and where on campus you can connect.

Where can I find a map of the campus?

Just follow the link below:

Is there an online plan showing buildings/rooms on campus?

There's an online plan on the Estates and Facilities webpages showing the building locations around both City campus, so just click on the following link:

Why do I have to Check-In?

Check-In is one of the methods used by the University to ensure that students are receiving the best possible educational experience and to help you engage fully with your programme.

We want all students to achieve their potential and Check-In helps ensure that students have the best possible chance of getting good results.

All students attending teaching on City Campus or at Emm Lane Campus must Check-In to every class they attend.

This includes lectures, laboratory sessions, seminars and tutorials.

The University keeps a record of each student's attendance, to enable staff to support students who may be struggling to attend due to financial, family, or other difficulties.

If you do not Check-In, you will be contacted by your Faculty to find out the reason for your absence.

What should I do if I forget / lose my card?

If you forget your student card, you will need to record your attendance by completing a paper Check-In record in class.

It is important that you have your student number (shown on your card) to write on this form, so keep a copy of it somewhere safe in case you lose or forget your card.

If your Faculty finds you are regularly forgetting / losing your card, they will contact you to find out why.

I have not been given a student card yet - how can I Check-In?

There may be situations where a student has not yet received their student card.

These students should follow the above instructions for forgotten / lost cards.

What happens if I'm taught in a room without a card reader?

Most teaching rooms will have a card reader fixed to the wall, close to the entrance.

Large teaching rooms will have more than one reader - it doesn't matter which one you use as long as it is in the room where your class is being held.

Some very small teaching rooms may not have a card reader on the wall.

In this situation, your tutor will either have a hand-held card reader that will be passed around the class so that you can Check-In with your card or, where there is no card reader or where a reader is broken, you may be asked to sign a paper Check-In record.

What should I do if the reader isn't working?

If the card reader in your teaching room appears not to be working, please inform your tutor / lecturer and they will contact the University's Check-In team.

What should I do if I'm too ill to come to my class?

If you feel too ill to attend classes, you will need to contact your Faculty as soon as possible, preferably before the class takes place.

Each Faculty has an online form you can complete to let them know you will not be able to attend.

You may need to provide medical evidence if your illness is prolonged - your Faculty will advise you.

If you feel that you are not comfortable putting your details into the web-form, you can contact your Faculty by telephone - you can find out who to contact on the Who to contact about absence and attendance page.

Who should I ask if I need to be away from Bradford during teaching weeks?

If you cannot attend classes due to a family crisis or other emergency, you should contact your Faculty as soon as possible.

Each Faculty has an online form you can complete to let them know you will not be able to attend.

You may need to provide evidence to support your absence if it is prolonged, for example travel documents - your Faculty will advise you.

If you feel that you are not comfortable putting your details into the web-form, you can contact them by telephone - you can find out who to contact on the Who to contact about absence and attendance page.

Can I Check-In for someone else?

It is forbidden for a student to Check-In on behalf of somebody else or to complete a paper Check-In record for another student.

Any student doing this will be required to explain their actions to the Dean of their Faculty.

Repeat offenders will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Can this affect my funding / sponsor / bursary?

The University has a duty to report non-attendance to statutory bodies and student funders.

If you are concerned that your attendance record may affect your funding, you can contact MyBradford - Student Support:

I am in the UK on a visa - can Check-In affect my visa status?

If you are studying at Bradford on a visa, the University has a duty to record your attendance for the Home Office.

For more information about how this could affect you as an international student, you can contact the following people:

  • The Visa Support team by e-mailing - a member of this team is available between 11am-12pm, Monday to Friday, in the Student Support Centre located in MyBradford - Student Support, Richmond Building. This is a place that provides all students with help and assistance for life at the University.
  • Our International Student Adviser, Sue Baker, is also available daily at MyBradford - Student Support, from 14.00 - 16.00. Alternatively, you can make an appointment by e-mailing
  • Or visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website for further information.


Can I book a room for a student society meeting, event, group study or revision?

Students can book various rooms for these purposes and you can do this via the Students’ Union.

Visit the UBU webpages for details.

Will I be able to book the room that I want?

This will depend on availability / suitability / capacity, amongst other things - have a look at the Students' Union 'Book A Room' webpage for more information.

With regard to booking teaching rooms during teaching hours / weeks, Faculty requirements for timetabling take priority. However once timetables have been published, others are able to request teaching rooms for non-teaching activities.