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Lego construction type of Green structural components for low-cost housing

Project objectives:
  • To develop novel and environmentally-friendly geopolymeric binders produced completely from CDW by considerably less energy-intensive, more economical and easily applicable techniques of alkali-activation for green concrete production.
  • To assess and optimise the mechanical/durability properties of green concrete materials from the developed geopolymeric binders and aggregates acquired completely from CDW to maximize the amount of reused/recycled CDW.
  • To develop and test a dry connection between reinforced concrete prefabricated components in such a way that all elements can be demounted for reuse in other buildings.
  • To carry out physical tests on different structural components of the proposed reusable structural system to identify possible failure modes, deformation and resistance.
  • To carry out finite element simulation of various elements in the proposed structural system and connections, including a comprehensive parametric study to establish their behaviour.