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Pamela Kisembo

TF Automation

Pamela Kisembo

TF Automation is a manufacturing company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Established in 1976, the company comprises two business divisions.

Pamela's role was to update the existing ERP software (WIPsoft), which is bespoke software for monitoring work In progress for projects. This project was overseen and supported by academic staff from the university. The student was given a project brief and guidelines on the updates that are required for the system.

Why did you apply for the Summer Experience Internship?

 I applied for the summer experience internship to gain experience in a real-life work setting. I wanted to put my course-related knowledge to use and learn more practically.


What did you enjoy about the Internship?

I enjoyed meeting new people and practicing my networking skills. It was good to learn how to be professional in business environments.


What tips would you give to prospective students?

Keep your options open. I applied for different positions and the one I got just helped me to evaluate my options in terms of what I would like to do when I graduate. 


What support did you receive from Career Development Services?

Members of staff in the Career Development Services helped me right from the start during the process of writing my CV and cover letter. A supervisor from the career development service also came to the company where I was doing my placement to check on my progress and check if I needed any further support.


What actions are you taking to improve your employability whilst at university?

-          Taking part in the PAL Scheme as a PAL Leader to help first year students and simultaneously work on employability skills such as communication (both oral and written), planning and organisation and time management, just to mention a few.

-          Volunteering as a student representative for my course to voice the opinions and concerns of my fellow students to members of staff.


What advice would you give to your fellow students about finding placement and work experience opportunities?

-          Apply to as many positions as you can and give it your best when you get the job. It is important to start applying early.

-          Use the services provided by Careers and do not be afraid to ask questions when it comes to writing your CV and cover letter. The members of staff are always happy to help.


Any last words?

I would encourage students to make the most of these opportunities to gain experience. When you do get a summer placement, enjoy what you are doing. Time will go by so fast and you will see that it is worth it at the end.