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Nafeesa Fiaz

Day Night Pharmacy

Nafeesa Fiaz

Day Night Pharmacy is a busy community pharmacy based in Bradford. They offer a range of services including Blood Pressure and Diabetes minotoring. aswell as pill box service and weight management. 

The project involved making recommendations for improving the efficiency of this service. The students gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities and requirement of working in this field.The students learnt process improvement and project management skills.

Why did you apply for the Summer Experience Internship?

I applied for the summer experience internship because as a pharmacy student I wanted some experience in community pharmacy which would help me consolidate my learning in to practise. Furthermore it would help me decide which sector of pharmacy I would like to work in, in the future. Also it gave me the opportunity to see patients.

What did you enjoy about the Internship?

I enjoyed observing the different roles and responsibilities of community pharmacists and how they work in a multidisciplinary team, with other pharmacy staff and other healthcare professionals.

What tips would you give to prospective students?

Research in advance about where your internship is and what they expect from you. Also clarify working hours, roles, responsibilities and limitations beforehand.

What support did you receive from Career Development Services?

The Careers development service found me an internship close to home so there wasn’t the hassle of travelling.

What actions are you taking to improve your employability whilst at university?

I currently have two part time jobs in two different sectors of pharmacy (Hospital and Community) so I can see the similarities and differences between them. This will help me decide which sector I want to work in when I qualify.

What advice would you give to your fellow students about finding placement and work experience opportunities?

Any experience is better than none! Even if it is in a different sector to what you are studying, you can still apply the skills learnt from the job to your current studies.

Any last words?

 Enjoy :)